Happy Birthday To Chloe!

  1. :yahoo::yahoo:

    A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO CHLOE! HAVE A SMASHING GOOD TIME TONIGHT!! (especially with your 2 new gorgeous miroir bags!)


    and to everyone else, happy holidays! have a great new year's eve! and of course, here's to a brand new year... with more dior goodies to come! :heart:
  2. Hippee Hooray~!! Happy Birthday

    Happy New Year everyone :party:
  3. Happy B-day Chloe! and happy new year to everyone! :heart:
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE! I hope you have tons of fun tonight!!

    (COOL B-DAY, on the eve of the New Year!)
  5. Happy happy birthday Chloe and happy new year too with all the bag wishes coming true !!! :smile::heart:
  6. :wtf: :wtf: OH MY GOD

    :wtf: :wtf: OH MY GOD

    Zeroooooooooooo :wtf: .... U R THE GREAAAAAAAAAAATEST Tpfer EVER ...

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.. i swear this is the sweetest surprise i have ever had since 1983 (year i was born) LOOOL ... OMGGGGGG i couldn't believe my eyez when i 1st saw this thread .. *tears*:crybaby:

    soo soo soo sweet of u sweeeeeet heart ,,, *hugz u soo tight* *kisses on cheeks* ... im soooooooooooooo happpppy 2 have u + know u

    blu^tulip thank u huney .. happy new year
    Chrystalline thanks sweet heart .. happy new year
    MayDay thank u dear ..happy new year ...
    nataliam1976 thaaaanks x 1000 sweety ,, haappy new year

    happppy new year to all of u out there ... ur the greaaaaatest *hugz*
    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u girls .. :heart:
  7. Happy birthday.
  8. Happy Birthday Chloe!

    Happy New Year to all!:balloon:
  9. theglamours + morning glory .. Thaaaaaaank u sweets .. happy new year :heart:
  10. heh, chloe, it's my ploy to get you to post more pictures of your miroir bags! ;)

    i kid, but i hope you had a fantastic time yesterday!

    p/s i :heart: this little dior community we have here, everyone here is just an absolute gem.
  11. thank u again dear tpfers: heart:

    Zero :graucho: Goody #3 from LV is on the way so u better wait for a trio thread
  12. :nuts::nuts::drool:

    is it another miroir? the pochette maybe? now i've got to obsessively lurk in the LV subforum for your post to see the third surprise!

    congrats on the third one by the way! :biggrin:
  13. Happy birthday.

  15. Happy belated birthday Chloe!!!:party: