Happy Birthday Stefyp!!!!

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  1. Wow! Just saw it's my dear friend Stefyp's birthday & a milestone one at that! Couldn't let it pass without a huge congrats! Have a great day, my dear friend !:heart:

  2. Happy happy b-day!!!!:dothewave:
  3. Sorry I didn't see this sooner!! Happy birthday!!!!
  4. Happy birthday, dear Stefy!!! Have a wonderful day!!! :yahoo:
  5. Hope you have a brilliant day.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY :drinkup:
  6. Ohhhhh...this is so sweet of you ladies!!!:nuts::heart:
    Firstly let my thank my dear friend Roz for this wonderful thought,it really brightens my day!Unfortunately no party today for me because i'm staying in bed from the last 10 days due to back issues.Anyway i'm taking good care of myself and i have a loving and fab family who's doing the same so...HOPEFULLY MY PARTY IS JUST A LITTLE DELAYED BUT NOT DELETED AT ALL!!:tup::party:
    It's good to feel all your love and wishes around me ladies,you all make the PF a very special place to me...THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!
    Grazie a tutte voi ragazze...Roz,Shu,Megs,Nath,Saich2 and all the ladies...huge huge hugs and lots of love back to you,
    your loving friend Stefy:hugs::smooch:
  7. STEFY my friend......happy birthday!!!!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!
  8. Back pain is so horrible Stef, hope you will be better soon & able to have that well deserved party. Take care of yourself & have as good a day as you can. Great that your family are taking care of you so well!
  9. Aw sorry to hear that, Stef! Hopefully you will feel better soon.

    Take good care of yourself! :heart:
  10. Thanx thanx thanx!!!!:yahoo:
    I MUST get well soon because today i got some new pair of shoes.....:graucho::graucho:
  11. Happy Birthday Stefy!!!!
  12. happy birthday stef! Love ya!
  13. Awwwww:love::love::love: i'm soooo happy today!!!Despite being in a bed i got so much love and attentions both here and at home:heart::heart:

    It's so great to see all my PF friends coming to give me a virtual hug and send me their best wishes and good vibes!!:nuts::nuts:Thank you all!!!
  14. Woohoo! Tell all what shoes did you get?
  15. :graucho:I'm taking pics of my birthday gifts as soon as i can stand on my feet again...:graucho:
    Meanwhile,i can tell you i got three pairs of Louboutin zeppa wedges,one pair of Chanel Camelia zeppa wedges and a pair of pink glitter Chanel Camelia thongs :yahoo: Can you tell i like wedges??? :idea:
    Even got a Chanel Vintage ligne E/W tote,a Chanel blue satin Melrose (waiting for it to come still),a Ballantyne coat,a pearls necklace,a pearl charm with necklace,a very cute top,a CD and lots of kisses :heart::heart::P