Happy Bday REVEAL!

  1. anyone here for my B day reveal? :smile:
  2. Me.. Me.. Meee...
  3. hi keekeee!

    any guess?
  4. :party:Happy B'day, now strip:party:
  5. Oooo two handles... Im so bad at guessing... Birkin? Bolide?
    Strip striipp..!!
  6. thank you fashionistaO! ;)
  7. .......
  8. here we are....
    e.JPG f.JPG
  9. ta daaaaaaaa...
    g.JPG h.JPG i.JPG l.JPG
  10. What a special B!! Happy B day!!!
  11. combo
  12. Ooooo sweet!!! This is Birkin Casaque right??? Its gorgeous!! I've seen one IRL.. It looks a lot better IRL!!
    Major congrats and Happy Happy Birthday dear..
    Modelling pics pls pls pls...
  13. yes is casaque and it's really nice but very very very soft leather... hope she will keep the form
    thank you very much!
  14. Beautiful B. Congrats and happy b-day!
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    What size is it? If its size 30 then you dont really have to worry.. I have B30 in clemence and swift and i always make sure i fill them properly when i store them to keep the shape. My 3 years old swift is still standing straight just like new.. :smile: