Happy Anniversary!

  1. [​IMG]Christina Aguilera warms up to her music-exec husband Jordan Bratman as they hit the town in Dublin to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Sunday. The following night, Aguilera got back to work on her Back to Basics tour in Europe
  2. They are very cute !!
  3. congratulation and happy Anniversary to them!:yahoo: :heart: They are beautiful!!
  4. I think they make a great balanced couple:smile: Plus, I love her new style!
  5. Sweet couple :heart:
  6. They look great together! I'm glad they're keeping everything kind of low-key..very refreshing!
  7. I hope they make it!!!! :love: Congrats for them!!
  8. they look so cute and happy together:kiss:
  9. they're cute!
  10. Very sweet! I think they make a wonderful couple. Christina has been nothing but adorable since she and Jordan started dating.
  11. they are so cute, and he seems good for her self esteem! Hooray for them!
  12. they're cute together