Happy 4thofJuly and what will you be doing today?

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  1. and will you be wearing any Hermes accessoires?

    Today we will have swimming pool fun games and then a hay ride, I'll be bring my HUGE amazonia gpt.

    At evening we will have dinner with the kids (will share a table with another family with kids) at the lawn, I'll be bringing my Birkin Gold 35 cm (which will hold lots of toys).

    Then at night there is a concert, (the kids will be at kids camp), I'm not sure what I will wear but I will either take my JPK brown Kelly or my 20 cm BJ Plume...
  2. Hmmm. Hitting the gym for some kickboxing (stomach feels much better today). Still redecorating, so I've got to move some furniture. This time I hope not to tear any major muscle groups. I'm still recovering from my torn trapezius. Oooo, I can feel the rain still with that one. Going to a BBQ at 1, which hopefully won't be rained out, with my fellow gym rats. Maybe I'll grab some Pinkberry later. Hermes-wise, I think I'll whip out a scarf to wear du-rag style after the gym. and maybe carrying my Luco to Pinkberry.
  3. HG: hope you will recover soon... have fun decorating :smile: you must be in great shape otherwise, reminds me I should pick up some gym too... hmmm maybe I can squeeze one in today too, I forgot to mention I was going for a little spa treatment as well :smile:
  4. Family pool party and barbeque -- in my backyard -- so no bags at all for me.
  5. HG *ouch* I hope you recover soon! There was a period in time where I love to buy wood furniture (asian) and I go around with a measurement tape. :amused:

    Hkloosterman: Your day sound so packed! All I did was cross the borders into Malaysia and got a 4th July 2007 STAMP on my passport and my co-workers and I WENT *:huh:OOoo It's 4th of July -- Fireworks*
  6. Slaving away at my computer (with many "breaks" visiting here) without having to worry about emails from the US! H-wise carrying my Lindy to work...
  7. To princessfrog... my day still has to begin, my kids are still sleeping, Hubbie plays golf, have a little time for myself.... you already had your fireworks?

    to Tokyo, hopefully you will have a nice quiet day without the USmail, what Lindy do you have?
  8. hkloosterman -- thank you! My lindy is a 30 Blue Jean taurillion clemence in palladium hardware. I have yet to see anybody in Tokyo with a Lindy (I received the same comment from a H reseller sales associate the other day!:nuts:)

    BTW, the beginning of your day sounds wonderful!
  9. @tokyo girl, wow CONGRATS on your beautiful BJ Lindy, I love that color :smile:

    @ lulilu sounds fun :smile: ....not even maybe a Hermes scarf :graucho:
  10. I hit the gym this morning, and shortly I will be in a bikini, sitting on the beach, drinking Corona Light and getting a tan! :nuts:
  11. BBQ, coding, movies.
  12. sounds DIVINE, have a nice relaxing day!!!!
  13. Party & fireworks this afternoon/night so I'll be using one of my bags and probably a plisse.
  14. What kind of coding ?
  15. Have fun Sus:party:, a plisse? any idea yet how you will be using it?