Hang tags on LV bags?

  1. Do LV bags ever have hanging price tags?

    I thought they didn't, but I just saw one on a bag that was for sale buy a 'reputable' seller.

    Thanks!! :heart:
  2. I personally have never seen that, no :o
  3. usually the Tags get cut off by the SA's in store before shown the the customers, they shouldnt have a price on them. Tags shouldnt really be left on, but it is possible that it could have been left on. :smile:
  4. Thanks:smile:

    I'm really scared about ending up with a fake (I guess we all are), but if I want to get any old LE bags, I'll have to buy from eBay, etc.

    I know that I can post in the Authenticate Forum, which is great. And I know that there are sellers that would never sell fakes. I guess I'm just paranoid that somehow a really good fake would slip through the cracks.

    :heart:Thanks again!:heart:
  5. NEVER....IT'S A FAKE!!!
    I think it's funny how people still hang the white circle tags off their phooey louies!!!!!
  6. A few, NOT ALL, bags and a few small leather goods at the boutiques have tags on them, but are removed by SA's most of the time before shown to customers like Steve mentioned.

    If you have a question on the authenticity of an item, feel free to post in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky under this section. ;)
  7. isn't it tough to tell if some of these bags are authentic or not by the photos online
  8. I read from one of the website ages ago (i think it was my Pouppet) they said LV never hang tags on their bags..
  9. They do on some bags, but as stated before, they are removed before they hit the shelves on the sales floor.
  10. Not really... you just have to know what to look for. There's always a few red flags in every counterfeit bag listing. :yes:
  11. Actually, when I bought my red souffle from the Paris Champs-Elysee flagship in 2001, they used the regular clear plastic things (like the ones used on clothing, but it's a closed loop) with the Louis Vuitton tag (the one that says Monogram Canvas) and it was attached to the bag. It was the first and only time I've ever bought a LV with a tag hanging off of it!
  12. I have had seen several items that they have just brought out that werent even on display yet that had hangtags, as socialite said the tags are cut off before the item is put on display. I dont know if all items come shipped with them though because I have really only seen them on things like scarves. Although online most of the time I see a hangtag it is nothing like the ones I have seen in the boutique.
  13. absolutely not if they take pics that are clear and not blurry, it is usually quite easy...