handles seem dirty on my new bag!

  1. has anyone had this problem?? its not really bad but it kind of bugs me
  2. Can you post pics? Are you talking about your new speedy?
  3. maybe its just me! it almost looks like my denim jeans rubbed off on them or somthing not sure!
  4. You know, I've heard from others here that your denim can indeed transfer color onto your vachetta. Just be careful until you get some patina on them and it should all blend in eventually, if it's not too bad.
  5. ok thanks! how long does it normally take for the vachetta to patina?
  6. lots of exposure to air and sunlight will escalate the patina process or just use it frequently.
  7. Mine is about a month old - yeah the handles get dirty VERY easily. Use baby wipes if you have to. I try to use my arm to carry it instead of my hand whenever I can. I swear mine is already starting to patina.
  8. I had denim transfer on my Speedy too. I just use baby wipes and that seems to do the trick. I also try not to use it when I am wearing dark wash jeans.
  9. thanks for the tips guys!!
  10. Depends on how much light the bag gets an how much you use it.
  11. The dye in your jeans will definitely rub off on the vachetta,I had the same problem when carring my new Lockit V :yucky: .It rubbed off on the inside bottom area but the baby wipes did the trick ;) .
  12. thanks! I try the baby wipes
  13. Don't forget to moisturize after the baby wipes. :smile:
  14. what would you moisterize with?
  15. If you want a real nice golden honey coloured patina, it takes about a year (in general). I remember when I got my first LV, I used solely that bag 1-2X a week for one entire year. However, if you use your bag DAILY, then you can achieve the same effect within 1/2 year. Of course, oxygen is the main factor and sunlight (heat) is the catalyst.

    Also, I won't recommend baby wipes on brand new LVs cuz they're VERY drying and I don't know how you moisturize the leather lol.