handles come seperately??

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've been investigating various fendis on ebay...not ready to buy yet, but trying to figure them out.

    Anyway, have any of you ever bought a fendi and had the handles, or leather straps, packaged SEPERATELY, like you have to buckle them in yourself? That seems a bit odd.

    Here is an example of one on ebay:
  2. I have never purchased a bag (Fendi or otherwise) with handles that came separately from the bag. I think it's one of the sure signs of a FAKE .

    I think it's great you're doing some research before buying. If only more people did that :smile:
  3. Definitely not. I can't imagine a premier handbag customer expecting customers to DIY, even repairs.
  4. That is unusual. It looks like it could be real from the clasp.
    I got this on the seller from toolhous.org:
    This buyer seems to have a problem reading an ad 2" below bid before she bids
    Seller alans6052 ( 916) Dec-07-05 17:02 6827111579
    Reply by verasvinntage: I am sorry - my mistake here... we all slip up sometimes :smile: Dec-07-05 20:05

    good stuff!
    Buyer al_sportz ( 82) Nov-16-05 20:44 6813869342

    Never got the item - my shipping was refunded but not the purchase price.
    Buyer parrotbid ( 153) Sep-09-05 22:40 6795185698
    Reply by verasvinntage: Sorry for the miscommunication - the price was refunded after FDBK was left :smile: Nov-14-05 18:36

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  5. ^^^thanks everyone! I thought that the engraving on the hardware looked good, so was just surprised by the whole strap issue. Fendigal, thanks for the site, totally useful:smile:
  6. wow thats a great website..thanks for the link!
  7. I agree...what an education! Super!!
  8. I never saw a fendi handbag with clamp on straps???
  9. I have never seen that!