Handle question on the VG City?

  1. A few days ago I posted some pics on my new VG city.. The handles on the edge where the lace wraps around are starting to crack. I heard that this is somewhat normal but was just curious to how normal and if it has happened to anyone else with a VG bag? To be more specific, it is rubbery stuff on the edge that is starting to crack. I am quite upset about this since I have never had this happen to any of my other bags including cheao ones! I even have a besso inspired bag which is what got me to buy a real one and that bag has not done it.

    I have added accrylic glaze which has helped but i am curious to know who else is having this issue?
    Photo 1.jpg Photo 2.jpg Photo 3.jpg
  2. My giant hobo is ok, sorry to hear about your troubles.
  3. I have an Ink City that had two owners before me, and it has begun to do that a little... however, it's a much older bag than yours and I don't think it was very well taken care of before I got it.
  4. I'm looking at my VG City right now and it's got minor cracks too. I got it in April this year, so I think it's normal?
  5. :shame: Sorry, posted in the wrong thread!