Handbags w/fringe, embellishment, ornamentation...

  1. Hi!

    A love a bag with fringe or studs, any type of ornamentation, has anyone seen any cute leather bags with ornamentation?

    The last one I purchased was this Maxx New York in chocolate it was $198:
  2. I love that !!!!! It's not too hippy looking !!! Nice bag !!!
  3. Thank you!!!! I was sooo excited when I got it! It came in black and bone. They also had a style that folded over like an envelope, I regret not getting that one in black for everyday. :sad:
  4. What about ... [​IMG] ?
  5. I love it!!! Who makes this? Sorry, I am totally ignorant to any designer bags outside of Gucci, LV, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Dooney, Fendi and Chanel!:yes:
  6. Oh my!!!!:nuts: I may have found a new brand these are awesome!!!!! Is the leather soft and thick? I don't know what it is about fringe, tassels, studs and lacingm but I love it!!!!!!
  7. The leather is to die for - very yummy! There are lots of Kooba threads on here - welcome.
  8. Cheekers- I LOVE that Jillian (please refer to my NAUGHTY thread- hahahahaha)
  9. I keep loving that Jillian! I hope they still have it at Saks in Sarasota and Naples (yippee) after my ban is over at the end of this year. I just love that Kooba!!!!!