Handbags For Fashion Dolls! How Cute?!!!

  1. [​IMG] DIOR:nuts: [​IMG] GUCCI
    [​IMG] Birkin!:love:
    [​IMG] Marc Jacobs

    omg, i love them all!! SOOOO CUTE!!!
  2. Cute~~where did you find them?
  3. Yes- where did you find these! So cute! How much are they? LOL Do they have others?
  4. I found the site!

    Doll Faces
  5. too cute!!!!!thanks...:biggrin:
  6. Omg, they are sooooo cute! Makes me want to collect dolls and acessories :love:
  7. OMG :nuts: Soooo cute !
  8. Awesome.
  9. Cute. I have a couple of vintage Barbies that would probably love to have a Hermes bag!
  10. Adorable! :o)
  11. so cute i love the birkin
  12. OMG FAKES!!!! jk
  13. I wish I had all my Barbies now. LOL.
  14. Adorable!
  15. OMG! The Dior and Birken are TDF! Cute
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