Handbags for a Cause - Pink Bag Time Again

  1. Here are some great links to buy your next handbag and to support breast cancer research at the same time. After all, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the pink merchandise is everywhere. I hope I am not out of line to suggest that you might actually want your pink purchase to be fashionable, too.


  2. Or you can buy your own pink bag, and purchase a Breast Cancer scarf, and make your own style bag to show your awareness....

  3. ooh What kind of bag is that, Lexie? Gorgeous!

    also, the Rebecca M. clutch is very cute!
  4. Great, fashionable idea to spread the message and the awareness!
  5. Ralph Lauren have their pink pony totes back again too.
  6. I will def. have to get a Ralph Lauren Pink Pony tote, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and although it has been a tough road, she is now back to perfect health and is cancer free!! So exciting and I really love when people help support the cause. We will find a cure someday!!
  7. I am all for supporting breast cancer. but be sure to check where your money is going. For example, Pink Pony items (with the exception of the Match Shirt) only donate 10% of their PROFIT to research. So if you buy a $45 bag, you may end up only donating $2.50. If you research you will find other companies that donate higher percentages (Coach I know is more of a donation) but Id rather support causes like Susan G. Komen for breast cancer resarch. Cancer.org is great too.