Handbag Suggestions?

  1. So I really loved the Kooba Harper, but I ventured over to the Kooba forum, and no one there seemed to feel the same way. After checking out some IRL pics of it, I wasn't really feeling it either. I would love some suggestions for a similar bag, in the same price range ($300-$600). I really like the slouchy-but-structured look the Kooba has going on, and a similar size would be good too, although slightly larger is fine (definitely not smaller!). I don't really have a color preference other than "something neutral".

    here's a pic for reference:

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I think I saw some looks on Biasia and Furla bags that are similar when i was out shopping, but I don't know the names. I also like the new Botkier Sasha duffel and Black Rose bags but I'm not sure how they structure out when your stuff is in it. I don't see anything wrong with the bag you posted...I like it! Altho I didn't stop at the kooba display when i was shopping, so that means I'm not enamored...
  3. Hmm...I'll have to check out Biasia. I've been looking at Furla, I like their stuff usually, but they just don't seem to have anything that works great as a smaller handbag. Not really a fan of Botkier, thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Ok,I really like this Biasia, what do you think?

    There's something about horsebits that scream "posh english countryside". I was really looking for something with two handles, rather than a shoulder strap, but this is nice.