handbag organization

  1. how do you "organize" your bags? I have one of those sweet pursebrite things which I have abused and destroyed bec it helped open up the bottom of my bag, as the current one is just one opening, not 3 like my D&B is.

    Before I go buy another pursebrite or attempt to make something vaguely similar...Id like to see what you all do to keep your beautiful bags clean, neat and organized.
  2. I don't carry a vast amount of items with me, so it works out this way with 90% of my bags:

    Center Main Compartment: makeup bag, wallet, sunglasses, gum or mints.

    Cell Phone Pocket: My cell phone.

    Opposing longer zippered pocket: pen and little swiss army knife with teeny tools.

    And that's about it! Really easy to change bags in a hurry, too!
  3. I use pursekets - love those things! I find I change bags more often now because you can lift out the purseket and switch it to another bag, and then there are only a few loose items to transfer over to the bag.