Handbag or Diamond Studs???

  1. Ok girlies.....I have a problem!

    I have been waiting for tax money to come in so I could buy the Cole Haan Small Village Bucket tote in Green.
    See link below:


    I found some 14k white gold 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings on sale for $329.99 USD (regularly $999.99 USD).

    Here's the link for those:

    Of course I want both, but I can't afford to do that. So, that means it's one or the other.

    Now, I must say that I LOOOOOOVE purses and I would LOOOOOVE to have this Cole Haan. But, I also don't own any diamonds except for my engagement ring, of course, and I think it might be a nice addition. And they will last forever......but will the purse?:shrugs:

    Which would make me happier? Hmmmmm...I don't know. Any thoughts? I'm torn!
  2. Diamonds, hands down. :heart:
  3. Depends on the quality of the diamonds. I think crappy diamonds aren't worth buying at all and I'd much rather have a good quality bag.
  4. Depends on the origin and whether or not they are Blood Diamonds. If you overstock does not have information about their origin, then I suggest going for the handbag.
  5. Agree with the other gals, if the diamonds are good, then I'd say go with the diamond studs because they'll last forever.
  6. mmm im not too keen on the quality of the diamonds. i think they were listed color J-K and I-2. so, i would usually go for diamonds but if they aren't good quality, you will probably end up buying better ones later on. i say go for the handbag!
  7. DiamondLover,

    Thanks for telling me about the quality. I know very little about diamonds, just that I like it when they sparkle!
    I didn't know J-K was bad!
    Thanks for the info!
    Hugs :heart: :heart: :heart: ,
  8. You can always buy the diamonds first, (since Overstock ships really fast), then look at them to see if you like them and if not initiate the return. They are very fast at giving you a refund if you are not happy. I say diamonds first since you most likely have handbags.

    I bought studs from smartbargains and didn't like them (bad clarity), so I quickly returned them and got a refund within days.
  9. i think the diamonds are decent quality. the markdown sounds pretty good to me. i'd say go for the bling bling. i'd consider to get myself some too now from overstock. looks like they have some good stuff and the feedback from the buyers are kind of convincing
  10. JK is ok...it isn't yellow yellow. but i checked on the website and it isn't I2 but rather SI so it's not that bad.;)
  11. let me correct myself, J is still near colorless
  12. Diamonds for your ears are okay to be in the I-J-K range with an imperfection of 1 or 2 because no one should be that close to your face to see that there might be a visible imperfection in them, or that the color is closer to yellow. On your finger, well, that is a different story, as a diamond in that range of color and clarity would bother me. As for the price of those, they are two 1/4 carat earings anyway totalling 1/2 carat and I would never pay the full price of $1000 for those. What you are getting, as a bargain is probably very close to what you should actually pay anyway. If it were me, I would get the bag. I've seen it IRL, and the color is beautiful. As for the earrings, I'd get wait on those and get moissanite or CZ.
  13. Compass Rose....

    Great suggestions! But I'm a jewelry snot! I know it's weird, but I feel strange buying moisannite or CZ's when I have a beautiful REAL diamond engagement ring. I don't know, but I just feel......cheap, I guess, by wearing CZ's with the real thing.

    Do any of you know what I mean?

    Can someone explain to me why it's ok to mix real diamonds with CZ's? I'd love to do it to save the money but I'm afraid it would look wrong.
  14. I vote diamonds - Handbags come and go. Your diamonds you will have forever. There will be another time tax money comes in and you will be able to buy a different season's handbag. I doubt you will ever find such a good deal on a pair of diamond studs.
  15. Dimonds for me too! Same reasons as above.