Handbag dilemma..Coach Small pocket satchel or LV Damier Trousse

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  1. They are both the same exact price and I just can't decide. I already have the Coach but I can return. I like the Coach but I have noticed the black fabric does attract dust and random crap. help! :biggrin:
    Coach Nylon Pocket Satchel (pic from ebay)

    LV Trousse
  2. The LV for sure. It is a much classier bag!! And LV is a much more respectable corporation. And a true Classic!

    Not to mention, you are right, I worry about the fabric on the COACH. I bought the luggage/tote for my friend and it has lots of scuff and snag marks.

    I think if they are both the same price you will appreciate the LV in the long run, IMO.
  3. LV people i know already have the Coach and they bought it on sale
  4. The Coach satchel... sorry but I'm not a fan AT ALL of the LV Damier. The satchel is classy, versatile, and the fabric is so soft!
  5. I'd say the Coach but I'd het it in all-leather.
  6. the LV is more classic but the coach seems so cute! i vote coach!
  7. That exact Coach bag was on sale at the outlet this weekend for $189. I know because I bought one! LOL

    I nearly got the larger one for only $60 more, but I like this size better. I would never have paid the original price, or even the previous outlet price (according to the tag, $319!) but under $200 made it mine.

    Edited to fix price of larger satchel. I remembered the total ($249) but my math sucks. Hope you can get one, digby and jem!
  8. wow! thats a great deal. I *did* get the bag on sale but not for that cheap. Hmm and I DO like the larger size better. I may have to call the outlet tomorrow and see what the have. Thanks Mharvey!:flowers:
  9. I really like the coach! I might have to call the outlet near me tomorrow...hehe :smile:

    I just really don't like the LV damier for some reason :smile:
  10. I agree...and the leather won't have the problem of the dust
  11. Definitely Coach Pocket Satchel!
    I am not particularly loyal to any brand, I always choose style over brand.
  12. I would go for the pocket satchel, but in leather. It depends on your needs really ... do you need another handbag or a makeup bag? I like LV damier, but I think that this particular piece is pretty small.
  13. Neither. I think the the Damier Trousse looks a bit small

    How about a simple Mono Canvas Pochette??
  14. I really don't need any type of bag. this is 1 of 3 bags I got for my birthday, which is on friday. lol! so I'm just picking what I like. I think i'm going for the large pocket satchel. hope my outlet has it!thanks for all your opinions!
  15. Oh! I have that COACH in white and brown, it feels nice and silky. My outlet has it on sale for $189 (small one) too (too bad I didnt wait to buy it on sale, I was worried it wouldnt make it to the outlets :[ Damn). I vote COACH too! That LV makes me wanna play chess.
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