Handbag companies that make great wallets?

  1. I'm looking for one under $150. Currently I have a Hayden Harnett clutch but the zipper just broke after a year. Something medium sized, very well made and sturdy, and keeps all my stuff very nicely. Any tips?
  2. coach makes nice ones...i think theyre around 180
  3. Thanks! I have a store nearby I can check out.
  4. check out marc by marc jacobs for that price..they are really awesome
  5. I really like Cole Haan for wallets.
  6. TOD'S makes great wallet. The outlet has some great deals at the moment and I even saw some on Amazon.com for under $150.00.
    Good luck!
  7. I just got a L.A.M.B. clutch wallet off eBay for $100 and I absolutely love it!
  8. I second Cole Haan and must also add Isabella Fiore.
  9. MbMJ seconded!
  10. I have a linea pelle dylan wallet that I got on sale from bluefly.com for about $60 I believe. It's a lovely light grey color, with very soft leather and it's nice and big.
  11. I love (!) my Tano Chicklit wallet.

    It's made out of a glazed leather called "crunch" leather. It's very durable, which is important for a wallet.

    It comes in a lot of great colors. Mine is a dark blue color called blueprint blue.

    And best of all, it's way under $150!
    ($89 on Must Have Bag in new Spring colors, $69 at Shop Martin's in Fall colors)

    By the way, the wallet is HUGE so make sure you read the dimensions before you order it.
  12. Look at the Hobo International wallets, like the Lauren or the Rachel. I just ordered a Lauren and I saw it in stores and it looks really nice and well organized.
  13. I got a Tano wallet too..I haven't used it yet but it's really cute!