Handbag Buying Shopping Experience

  1. As a handbag obsessed human being, I must say that the whole part of the experience of buying handbags is when they hand you the shopping bag and you get to swing it around and show off your new paper bag... whether it be from Vuitton, Gucci, Coach or anywhere else.

    I don't know why, but I always get so excited for the experience after the whole "omg I can't believe I just bought it... my wallet is so empty" or the "my credit card... oh crap".

    I especially love shopping in Japan where they walk you to the front of the store and then hand you the shopping bag and say "Arigato gozaimashita" (Thank you very much). I always find the shopping experience in the US to be so much different.

    Does anyone else feel this way? How about your experiences in other countries?
  2. I don't do much physical store shopping anymore, I'm always so busy hunting for a deal. That said, Coach always walk around the counter and hand me the bag while saying "thank you." I like that a lot.
    My favorite part of bag shopping is just the scouring the handbag department or boutique and looking, touching, trying on everything. It can be a very deflating experience when there isn't a lot to love, though.
  3. The SAs at the Coach outlets always pack and hand the bag to me and say thank you at stores.
  4. :heart: I LOOOVE to shop in Japan too. The SAs ae so polite and helpful. You can find everything in Tokyo and Osaka. From Galliano to Hermes. I just love Ginza and Harajuku as well.:heart:
  5. I'm with you. It's a practically universal feeling among purse lovers! Women who aren't into bags don't understand. It's right there with shoes shopping....which is a form of therapy. (If I have a bad day, I like to look at shoes) The shopping:yes: bag thing, everyone stares at a Coach or Vuitton. Most women see that and smile! :yes: :yes:
    I love to shop! maybe I should change my nickname to shoppingbagqueen ha!
  6. I haven't purchased a handbag in person at a store in a looooong time. Where I live there aren't many stores that sell designer handbags so I've had to place phone orders. It's a lovely feeling when the FedEx and UPS guys come to your door with a huge package, though. :yahoo:
  7. I agree that buying in the store is such a high!
  8. I buy all my bags in stores and you are so right about the wonderful high you get from the moment you are handed the shopping bag !!!- I have only shopped in the U.S and in France for high-end bags and there is not much of a difference - the SA's hired by the top designer boutiques are usually very nice and pleasant to deal with. I have never bought a bag in Japan but it sounds very special!!!!!!!!
  9. HEY! there's a chihuahua SMOKING A CIGAR on this thread! Is that ALLOWED??? hehe:roflmfao: ((that dog is so cute, Pupsterpurse!)

    Ohhhhh.....NOW I know why the SA's at Hermes and Louis Vuitton in Hawaii walked me to the front of the store and handed me my shopping bag- because of their Japanese clentele. I really enjoyed the shopping experience in Hawaii. I'd go mad :heart: in Japan, would love to go someday.
  10. I wish there were designer boutiques where I live, but there are NONE that are less than 3 hours away. But the thrill of getting a package from FedEx is pretty exciting too.
  11. i'm with Pupsterpurse and LoriB , i don't do much physical shopping cause the bag's price where i lived is ridiculously higher sometimes.
    but i love to open the package from fedex or usps too :P
  12. I've been buying Coach for years, and I've had varying experiences with it - sometimes they make me feel special, other times they don't bother. Very hit-or-miss.

    I got my first LV in London, and while the SA was very nice during my purchase, she handed my bag over the counter and that was it. But then I carried my big brown shopping bag on the Tube, and that was fun, but it felt a little...ostentatious.

    I've made a few purchases since then at LV in Atlanta, and every time, they walk me out personally, and hand my new purchase to me at the door with good eye contact and heartfelt thanks. It's a very special feeling, and I do enjoy walking around there with my pretty LV shopping bag.
  13. one time, i was not at home to sign for a package, so the postman left a note on my door that my package would be available for me to pick up at the post office. knowing it was a recent bag purchase, i raced to the post office the next day, picked up my package, and while i was driving home, i had one hand on the steering wheel, the other was ripping the box open! i, too, get a BIG bag high, whether it's in the stores or online.
  14. Are designer bags cheaper in Japan or more expensive? Do they make up the the cost by giving you nice servie?
    I'm not dissing anything, just never been to japan.
    Would like to tho, had this thing with tokyo.
  15. SUPER EXPENSIVE! but they usually have a lot of variety and lots of the latest stuff!