Hamptons Signature Multi-Function Wallet.

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  1. On the Coach site it only shows the Hamptons Signature Multi-Function Wallet in two colours.
    Are there anyother colours that they come in other then those two (black and khaki)?

    Also how much can your wallet hold?

    Do you think I could store it in a Swingpack and still be able to carry some other items?

    Also any pictures would be amazing! Thank!
  2. I have one in crimson. It basically holds about the same as a skinny, but it just has the zipped compartment for change. And depending on what else you're carrying, it should fit in a swingpack.
  3. Thank you for the reply.
    Is Crimson a red colour?
    It would be great if you could get a picture of it.
  4. Bumppppp!
  5. Here ya go......sorry the pics are kinda crappy but I can't find the USB cable for my camera so I had to use my phone.


    Inside with zipped compartment open...also 3 inside slip pockets and one open compartment.....

    Another slip pocket on the back of it....

    I just realized I didn't get one from the side, but it's maybe about an inch wide.
  6. Thank You So Much!