Hamptons Pebbled Leather Book Tote

  1. Has anyone seen this yet? Is it big enough to fit a laptop???
  2. picture
  3. What are the measurements of your laptop? I would think it would fit right into the medium carryall.
  4. Unless you had a smaller laptop, I would say no. I just got the signature version and it holds alot...but my laptop would not fit in it.
  5. Hi krispin41, do you think you could post pics of your bag with stuff in it??? :smile: :smile: :smile:
  6. Sure give me some time and I will try to get some and post them later tonight!
  7. Yes I have seen it/ tried it on. It is not big enough for a standard size laptop. The large caryall is the next size up #10213, and will have space.
  8. Okay, here are the pics I promised. This is the junk I carry around on most days if I am taking one of my bigger purses. Some days I just take a wristlet or a small bag with just some essentials. The first picture is everything out (Hamptons Slim Envelope Wallet, Skinni Mini, Coach sunglasses, LV small ring agenda, Brighton iPod Video case, keyring and pillbox. WW calculator and weekly tracker, digital camera, lipgloss, Bare Escentuals compact (in tortoise round case), cell phone, pen, eye drops, Disney checkbook, lotion) The other one with everything inside. I've been clipping my iPod case to the D-ring inside the bag, it's perfect for that. Hope this helps! :yes:
    Img_0607.jpg Img_0609.jpg

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That was so sweet of you to post. Thanks