Hampstead and its name

  1. i think the name sounds weird..it sounds like the name of the bags offered by Coach..i'm not sure if you all understand what i'm trying to say..normally LV has more "french" names...KWIM? batignolles, mirior, damier, sologne, papillon (no, not sleepy lol) etc...


    anyone feel the same way?
  2. are you not feelin' the LV love again......:graucho:
    is this what you mean by being picky? j/k!:p
    i agree, i wonder what the meaning behind the name is, but not sure.
  3. Hampstead sounds cool to me.. it reminds me of the Hamptons. :p
  4. Hampstead is in London like Highbury & Knightsbridge (the other Damier bags)
  5. Hampstead is a very nice area in London-feels like a village, has a very nice green area (Hampstead Heath) and is a very desirable (and expensive) place to live at, close to the heart of London but less hectic-beautiful and stylish. There seemed to be a trend to give damier bags names that are related to London, like the Knightsbridge, which is another area in London.

    I hope that the Hampstead is as beautiful as Hampstead!:yes:
  6. there u go. exactly.

    the hamptons! because i just bought a coach hampton's bag for interview...maybe that's why..

  7. :yes:

  8. Sorry, haven`t seen your post!
  9. i am so picky.

    seriously. :yes:

  10. :confused1::confused1:

  11. Sorry, I just saw that Label Addict already explained where Hampstead is.
  12. cool, thanks londoners!

  13. no problem look like we came in at almost the same time
  14. londonholly oh icic..sorry :smartass:
  15. And don't forget Chelsea -- another Damier bag with a London name!