"Halo" Ring Setting - which shape diamonds look best with it? share your pics!

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  1. My husband just bought me this ring for my 40th, which is in sept. I have always wanted a heart diamond. IMG_5732.jpg
  2. Stunning!!!!!
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  3. So I have been married 21 years. :smile: Last year I decided I wanted something different, so I had a friend from high school (whose family owns a small jewelry business) design me a new setting for my original stone. I literally told her what I wanted, and she just took out my marquise and stuck it in a halo east/west setting. I wanted simple, and elegant. I love it. My old one was so outdated, and too many different diamond shapes.

    My center stone is .79 and is a SI1, G in color
  4. IMG_4695.jpg
    Center 1.51ct.
  5. Here's my e-ring heart shaped diamond with a halo and custom platinum setting from Victor Canera ❤️

    02C2F01E-154C-4561-ADCD-5B542D1F617E.jpeg DD321074-C96F-4058-B3B7-A5001A2D6063.jpeg B15DF724-48A9-422B-8D6B-B10B393CB8F9.jpeg 3171FA7D-1313-4CF2-8BD1-D6947EB547B3.jpeg
  6. Here’s mine. Emerald cut with Halo setting. IMG_9509.jpg
  7. IMG_9516.jpg
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  9. IMG_3925.jpg
    Because Halloween is around the corner, I thought I would add this creepy halo ring to the thread! Not mine, but it sure it pretty!
  10. This is pretty :smile: Where did you see it?
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  11. www.coffingems.com
    She makes these rings in precious and semiprecious metals and stones.
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  12. Very cool, thank you.
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  13. Here is my 10 year anniversary gift: a yellow emerald cut sapphire in a double halo by Victor Canera. I wear it on my right hand. Thank you for letting me share

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  14. It looks like a coffin!
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  15. Beyond stunning! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!
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