Halo or Flip in Extensions - my review

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  1. I just received my Halo extensions from Knockout Hair on eBay. I have tried clip ins and while they were ok, my hair is quite fine and thin. I could only use clip ins on the lower half if my head in order to hide the tracks.

    When I came across Halo and Flip in extensions, I was excited! Surely, these must be too good to be true. I watched what seemed like every single YouTube video on them and most were positive.

    I took the chance and ordered some sight unseen.

    I just received them today and just tried them on at home. So far so good, but will post an update after I've worn them more, if anyone is interested.

    I've attached before and after pics.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1408413905.904886.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1408413913.902337.jpg
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    My extensions are dark brown, 20" and 120 grams. Perfect in my opinion. I got the length and volume that I wanted.

    Edited to add: the reason that the halo/flip ins appeal to me is because there's no clips, glue, etc and is 100% damage free to the hair.

    Since I just received these, this review is just a first impression.
  3. Any updates? I'm interested to see how you liked these!
  4. I like them, but I don't find them to be as secure as clipins. I find that by wearing a headband it secures it a lot better. I love how light they feel compared to clipins. They say that once on, you can work out, etc with them on but I don't think that's the case with fine hair. My hair isn't thick, or heavy enough to weigh it down. Hence, why the headband comes in handy for me. If you have thick, heavy hair - it'll be a lot more secure.

    It's been quite hot here lately and I've only worn them a few times. I need layers put into them. Overall, I do recommend them.
  5. Thank you! I think I'll try them.

  6. Great! Let me know your review once you try it.

    I wore the extensions on a grocery run in somewhat windy conditions and it stayed in place. The extensions do move a bit from side to side but luckily it did not fly off lol. Love that it feels so light and doesn't pull like clipins do.

    If you search on YouTube, there's a whole bunch of videos on how to make them yourself. I'm not crafty though lol.
  7. How do they go in if no clips?
  8. oh my! I just watched the video, these look nice!

  9. I watched a whole bunch of videos and reviews on YouTube prior to purchasing as well :smile:

    I also wore the extensions in a mid pony and they were super secure. Definitely having fun with these. Would love to hear other's opinions of these.
  10. matching my hiar would be the most difficult thing in this process lol! I'm going to really look into it, does the wire dig into your head? I don't want length just a little I want more volume

  11. Most places will be happy to help you color match. Just email CS. The wire doesn't dig at all. When places correctly, you don't even feel it.

    Good luck picking! Halo Crown has a good selection and I'm thinking if picking up a 16" for volume as well.

  12. Thanks!