Halloween Treats

  1. What are you handing out to your trick or treaters? I am handing out special goodies to my friend's children and my niece and nephews. The rest are getting m&m's!
  2. I bought the full size candy bars. I bought 100 I hope its enough!!!!!
  3. I never get trick-or-treaters :crybaby:Every year, I decorate my front porch, turn my light on, set out my pumpkins, and don my costume and wait...and no one ever comes. But I do it every year, hoping one day I'll get a single trick-or-treater. I swear if I got just one, I'd be so happy they'd get the whole basket of treats, lol! I live in a very family-oriented neighborhood, but there is this history of my neighbors not being particularly nice to me (the theory that I've heard from others is that it is because I'm the youngest (23) in a neighborhood of middle-age moms- I don't have parties and I keep my yard in great shape, and I try to be friendly, so I don't know what else it could be). I think they tell their kids not to stop at my house :sad: One year, I found all of my pumpkins thrown off the porch and broken in my yard. Maybe the kids just don't like me. Every year I buy tons of treats and they just end up being thrown away the week after Halloween. This year I bought bunches of individually bagged organic cookies from the Immaculate Baking Co. out of North Carolina. That way I suppose if I don't get any trick-or-treaters, SO and I could eat the treats this year. Wish me luck, lol, maybe I'll finally get a trick-or-treater this year! :biggrin:
  4. OK I have way too much time on my hands... but every year I have made goodie bags. They are hooked up!! Full of good stuff... FULL! I wish I was a trick or treater at our house. All the workers at the store were asking me where I lived so they could come to my house haha. And for all our neighbors, for the older kids we got the full size candy bars and I put 7 different kinds each in a halloween lunch size type bag. And for the babies of the neighborhood I bought little treats like teddy graham snack packs, these Gerber strawberry puffs, little cracker type snacks like that and they get them all in the lunch bag thing too. It might change next year having the baby here I might not have so much free time lol. But I love Halloween and I remember when I was a kid and being so excited going to the houses with the good candy.
  5. Aww this makes me sad for you :s In our old neighborhood it was the same way... people weren't friendly to DH and I at all. But moving into our new house this past year our whole street gets along and always hangs out together. I hope that you get trick or treaters this year... or at least one!!! Just go chase them down when you see them going down the street and throw candy in their bags, haha.
  6. We hand out goody bags filled with fun size snickers, m&ms, musketeers, dum dum pops, candy corn, fruit snacks, stickers, pencils, and stampers. We also keep some bags of extra candy on hand in case we run out of bags! I love Halloween!

    Neeya - Your neighbors don't sound very nice =\ Their kids are definitely missing out on some fabulous treats by not visiting your house! I will keep my fingers crossed that you get lots of kids to come by your house this year :flowers:
  7. I am going to buy candy tomorrow morning and I will get full size candy that I HATE!!! LOL just in case there is some left...I do NOT want to eat any of it!!
  8. I am handing out individual bags of Halloween pretzels this year, as well as Hershey Kisses and some gumballs. Plus, my dog Charlie, will help while wearing a "Superdog" cape my mom made for him!
  9. I have bags on 100 calorie cookies snacks, pretzels, small bags of chips, and small fun size bags of candy. I bought about 14 bags total and I guarantee it won't be enough.......Halloween is BIG in my neighborhood....LOTS of kids. When the weather is nice we just sit on the porch and watch everyone go by.

  10. I bought two cases of Malley's chocolate bars with rice crisps (like a crunch bar). Malley's is a local chocolatier and their chocolate is tdf. Yes, I have already eaten about 4-5 of the candy bars since I bought the cases...
  11. I baked cookies for the kids I know.

    The trick or treaters are getting 10lbs of assorted candy. I bought two different bags, one was a Nerds assortment, one was a Skittles assortment. I don't like cheap chocolate, so I always buy the sugary mixed candy in case there's leftovers. I usually let them take 2 or 3. They LOVE choosing their own.
  12. Halloween is pretty big in my neighborhood and I'm known as the cool house with the good candy. I bought about 150 different full sized candy bars and another 36 full sized bags of gummy bears (the little ones love the gummy bears) that should be enough with just a few extras. I really don't want extras around. If I have extras Lil Max (17) will just call his buddies to come over and "trick or treat" later....LOL
  13. =O full size candy bars?? i would love to have trick or treated in your area!
  14. OH MY GOSH I've gotten THREE trick-or-treaters!!! The first ones in 5 years!!! I think I was so excited I scared them, lol! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I can now officially call this a good day! :yes:
  15. We had quite a few trick or treaters tonight. I gave out rolls of Smarties and Dum Dum lollipops, about four pieces per child. We have a ton left, so I probably should have given out more!