Halle Berry

  1. How cute that they both have their tongues sticking out in the first picture!

    I LOVE when little kids hold each other's hands!
  2. The 2nd en 3rd pic are so cute!

    I think he's about 6'1?
  3. Adorable. I love that little jumper she has on too.
  4. ^Cute! He's so yummy...

    Looks like Halle's hair got worse...lol. (thank goodness it's only for a movie she's currently filming?)
  5. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-halle-berry-fall-injured-hospital-the-hive,0,4964690.story
  6. Halle Berry with Nahla at Color Be Mine and a candy store in Beverly Hills, CA (July 24).
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
  7. Does Halle have a wig on or is that a weave? Whatever it is I wish she would go back to her short hair.

  8. weave. it is the talk of the boards with the sista's!!!:graucho: and i must say i have seen girls that do weaving in college on the side to make a little change and they do a far better job than what was done to halle's!!!
  9. :ty:Maybe it's for a role? :thinking:

  10. one can only hope!!!!:graucho:
  11. So glad she took that mop off
  12. ^^So much better!!