Halle Berry

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  4. I want to know what Halle's workout consists of!? She has an awesome body!
  5. Spending the day with her little princess, Halle Berry took Nahla out for a mother/daughter afternoon in Malibu, CA on Monday (May 9).

    Source=celebrity gossip
  6. Ah! Could that little girl get any cuter!
  7. ^^she really is adorable!
  8. *~*Halle has great style...and she dresses Nahla so cute too!!*~*
  9. I like that she dresses her like a little girl, and NOT a mini adult.
  10. True. But I'm sure emotionally Nahla feels more "secure" with the paps around if she's in Halle's arms.

  11. Halle Berry picking up her daughter Nahla Aubry from school in West Hollywood (June 27).

    Source: celebrity-gossip
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  12. Halle needs to stop talking to the media about the ongoing custody issues.


  13. I think she's only 3 yrs old. My niece is the same age as her and when she's out, sometimes it's easier to carry her when there's a lot of people or cars. They can walk and all, but they're still tiny.