Half moon WOC's lifespan

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  1. What's the deal with the half moon WOC (in black caviar), do you guys think it'll still be around next year or should I try to get my hands on one as quickly as possible? I'm not in hurry but I don't want to be left without one. ;)
  2. it's getting very popular that Chanel is producing it for the 3rd time that I know of, and adding new color navy to the line up. Definitely go for it :yes: Besides there will always be a price increase, why not enjoy it now before another price increase kick in :yes:
  3. I'd get it now if I could but I promised myself I wouldn't get it until I've graduated so that's why I'm hoping it'll still be around this time next year...
  4. it fall under the timeless collection, so i don't think it's a short term production.
  5. Ok, thanks Classic Chic! If it the half moon does disappear, I guess there's always the classic envelope WOC (or whatever the name is) which is my other choise.