Haircut from H_LL with color to match.

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  1. I am so upset.....:tdown: I was trying to let my short pixie cut grow out. I have been wearing the same blond short Sharon Stone cut for years and loved it but felt it was time for a change. So I have been trying to let the top layers grow longer. I had it cut about 6 weeks ago in to a short Keira Knightely cut, it was stunning. The bangs were long--way in my eyes and it was cut with a side part and shorter layers around the ears and in back. I dyed it brown and had large foil blond highlights put in the front & top. The color was so perfect and everyone said my hair looked great. I was soooooooooooo HAPPY. I wanted the same style, let the top continue to grown longer and just shape up around the ears and neck. So instead of foil highlights my hairdresser rakes the color in with this plastic rake thing. Now the top of my hair has a funky blond (OK I will be honest-UGLY blond). It is too much dull color, not ice blond highlights. I had to have a toner put in because it was too orange (WTF?):cursing: Now what will it look like when the toner washes out???? SO then I get the cut and my hair is literally chopped.......My bangs are just below my eyebrows, their are short choppy layers on top and one side actually has a big chop off it. If you comb your hair down in to your face like a bowl cut mine has gaps where there were longer hair before. I am so depressed and feel like crap.
    So do I go back to my other stylist and have her cut it short back to my Sharon Stone look? I can't live with the choppy look and the one big chop on the side. I can just dye it myself a ultimate blond color which will make everything blond or have my SIL frost my hair which was another look I always liked. I just thought it would be nice to grow out my hair and I was doing good and now I feel it is worse than ever. I can literally cry when I look in the mirror. My husband said it is the worst he had ever seen my hair and he thought it was looking so beautiful last time.:confused1:
  2. That's awful! :sad: It really depends if you still want to grow your hair out. Are there any other style options you can consider that may be just minor adjustments but still flattering?
  3. Iv Always Been Told The Difference Between A Good Haircut And A Bad Hair Cut Is 2 Weeks! Maby You Can Pin The Top Up Some How So Its Not As Noticable! But If Your Wanting To Grow Your Hair Out I Wouldnt Defintly Waite The 2 Weeks See What Youve Got Then Maby Go Get It Shaped Up Some To Where It All Blends More! Go0d Luck!
  4. I feel your frustration....try and be patient and know that your hair will keep growing and changes will appear before you know it!
  5. I am so angry, it is just so chopped up in layers that don't lay right. Then the huge chop on my right side is about 2 inches different from the rest of the hair--so this will drive me crazy. I need to go and get it shaped with my other hair dresser. I changed hair dressers a number of months ago because mine was so hard to get in with. Then I waited 3 months to get it cut so the layers were getting longer for me. I just don't understand how you can have the perfect cut, have a picture of the cut and then the hair dresser changes the cut to make it all layers when you were trying for top layer to get one length????? 2 plus inches cut off on short hair does make a difference in the whole look. This was the first time in so long that I actually held out in trying to grow my hair. I could actually wear headbands and my hair looked cute--now if I try it looks horrible.