1. I bought some lv haircubes online

    I questioned there authenticity and the seller came back with this

    I have just called Louis Vuitton customer services. They hold all purchase information against customer records on their database. I purchased these items from the Bond Street store in March 2002 and paid £65 for them. They were part of the Cruise Collection. They are 100% GENUINE.

    Does Anyone know if this info matches up?:sweatdrop:
  2. Date of purchase 26/03/2002
  3. I don't see how any of that can prove to you of the purchase unless you were in contact with the LV store yourself about it...

    But the other information, I'm not sure about, sorry. Wait for a few more replies.
  4. Thanks For The Info :smile:
  5. It's hard to say with that information I think, but they look cute and good luck with the authenticity!