Hair straightener recommendation

  1. I'm needing to buy a new 1 1/4 inch hair straightener. I have a course curly hair so I need something that gets pretty hot. I don't mind spending a little extra time get something that works well. Do you guys have any recommendations?
  2. I still recommend the GHD!
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  3. I've had good luck with the Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline ceramic flat iron-it comes in a bunch of sizes including 1 1/4 inch and has a dial for adjusting temperature. It gets really hot and works great on my thick coarse hair (I don't even use it on the hottest setting). Also it's around $40 if I remember correctly. Hope this helps!
  4. I have extremely curly hair and my Sedu used to work great but after I've had it for over 7 years it doesn't really work that great. I used to love it because it was the only flat iron I found that heats up to 450 degrees. Unfortunately, I need more than a max heat of 300-350 (like most flat irons have) or my curls don't get completely straight.
  5. I just bought a T3 single pass and I adore it. Plus, it looks so pretty on my vanity!
  6. Another vote for GHD. I’ve been using mine for past 2 yrs without any problem
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  7. When my GHD died, after many good years, I switched to Cloud Nine. I think it’s from the same people who originally started GHD. I love it, I think it does a better job for me personally than the GHD did. I have thick, wavy and frizzy hair.
  8. I love CROC! My hair is so soft and smooth after. It looks like you got your hair professionally straightened.
  9. Babyliss ( or my Baby Bliss lol) is great. It heats to 450 and straightens out my hair perfectly- even my annoying ends. I have long thick hair- my stylist says I have more hair per square inch than anybody she’s seen before!
  10. Keratin treatment. Best thing I ever did for my hair.
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    I have multiple straighteners (original old-school Chi, Sultra Seductress, Conair Nano Tourmaline, Hot Tools, GHD Platinum, a Titanium one). I have extremely coarse, thick, naturally wavy hair. My favorite is the GHD Platinum. Heats up super quick, does a great job in one pass. No frizz, no weird "bendy" spots or underlying wave. I never have to do a second pass, and it really locks in my straightness & lasts for 2-3 days if I skip washing.

    My second choice would be the original Chi - it is a very, very close second to the GHD. However, mine is 10+ years old, and I've heard they are different quality now. My stylist uses a Croc on me, and it works well.