Hair extensions

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  1. I am 51 and I'm told, and I hate when people say this, that I look in my early 40's. That said I've always wanted long hair. My hair is at my shoulders now. If I grew it a little longer and got extensions would I look redic for my age? I wouldn't get real long ones, just past my shoulders maybe shoulder blades. Honest ops please, and does anybody know how much this would cost in NJ/NY area? Thanks.
  2. Ok, so does anybody have them? Are they hard to take care of? More importantly do you feel like you have something fake on your head or do you get use to them? One last question, how long do they last? Thanks.
  3. I'm on that thinks older women look better with shorter haircuts like Jamie Lee Curtis & Dame Judy Dench or even a bob like Anna Wintour. Looks really sleek and put together...
  4. I think they would look nice. Most women in Hollywood have extensions. That being said they can ruin your own hair. (think Britney Spears). I wear a lot of the clip in sets. They are super easy to put in and out. Also you have to consider how real extensions will feel and work. I have heard they are very uncomfortable to sleep in. Also hair color can be a pain. And you have to get expensive up keep on them every few months or so. I might suggest getting clip in's and see how you feel and look with them in before a big commitment.:cutesy:
  5. My suggestion is to get clip ins first to see if you like having long hair and if your scalp can handle the weight of all that extra hair.

    I'm a big fan of long hair on older women. I think it makes them look more youthful, not like they're trying too hard to be young. Here are some pics of celebs in their 50's that I think look great with long hair.

  6. Sold, I'm going to research clip in's.
  7. Op..I do not know if I am supposed to post this but, I have found for me the best hair extensions are Head Kandy. I looked high and low and to me they are the best deal and the nicest hair for the price. It was very easy to order and get the right color.
  8. Hi Jujuma,
    Anyone who says that woman in the 50's can't have extensions is being ridiculous. You can have hair extensions that don't make you look like a 22 year old playmate!

    You should do what's right for yourself, especially if YOU want them and you think they would make you feel better about yourself or even just happier. There's nothing wrong with experimenting with things like extensions, they don't last forever.

    If you're nervous about trying them, why don't you start slowly with the clip ins? You can buy them at any sally beauty, or more upscale beauty places.

    If you want the fusion, weave or bead extensions, I would just ask your hair technician if she does them or can recommend anyone who does them. If you get them in Salon you're looking at probably over 500 dollars, if that's an issue for you, you can always ask your hair dresser if she offers a better rate out of the salon- that is not illegal and most hair dressers (unless you're going to the CREME DE LA CREME will do it)

    good luck to you :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone, this is something I've been thinking about for awhile. I need some things in my life that cheer me up and I think this is just the ticket.
  10. Hair extensions make everyone happy, nothing like having perfect full long amazing hair

  11. That is very true..I feel amazing with my hair extensions in. It gives a nice boost of confidence.:yahoo:
  12. I had Great Lengths extensions a couple years ago. I really enjoyed having them, but the upkeep was just too expensive for me. The first few days with them was strange, but they start feeling natural within a couple weeks. They didn't require a long list of care instructions, but there were a few things that have to be remembered. Mine lasted for six months, but I went about a month longer than I should have.

    I would do it again if I could afford it.
  13. So True! My hair is shoulder length now, but I love my clip ins, for when I'm going out or dressing up. or even when I'm just having a crappy day and need to look different.
  14. I've been going thru a very difficult period of my life. So difficult I don't know what things will be like when everything is done. It does involve a rebirth of sorts so I think a new head of hair is just the way to celebrate. Thanks for all the input.

  15. I think it definitely sounds like you could use a new hairstyle. Nothing quite beats a new "do" to make you feel amazing. I hope everything works out for you OP..Maybe take some pics when you get your new hairstyle for us.:yahoo:
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