Hair color help!


Nov 18, 2011
I have been dyeing my hair dark brown for the past 4 years now and recently decided to go blonde :smile:

During those years I dyed my hair myself with Garnier Nutrisse in dark brown but also went to the salon a few times. At the salon I got some lighter color like caramel and blonde to obtain the "ombre" style! It was never a lot of light color in my hair, it was barely noticeable. I would always end up dying back to dark because it would fade so fast...

Also, I had asked my hair stylist to make me completely lighter (one uniform color all over). The first time I asked her to make me copper/red, she used color removal without dying my hair after it (she liked the color obtained with the color removal). Just a few days after (without shampoo in between) my hair had already darken and turned orange on my roots so I was too annoyed and went back dark again.

Just a month ago, I decided to go completely blonde. I searched for pictures on the internet, showed up to salon very happy to give myself a make over and showed my hair stylist the pictures. She told me then that she could not bleach my whole head without frying it but would instead put some blonde highlights in my dark brown hair to get to blonde little by little. I walked out of the salon that day with basically some very light blonde highlights in my very dark hair which I think one me looks very bad... Just a few weeks later my blonde is not even that blonde anymore and I just really don't like it anymore.

My mom as been telling me for years now that I should not go to this hairstylist because she does not know how to do hair properly.

So now I need your advices...

Is my mom right?
Does my hair stylist seems to be doing a good job overall after all?
Can someone who knows please tell me if it is possible to bleach dark brown hair to a lighter color in one time?

Please let me know...Thanks in advance!


Dec 27, 2005
The problem with trying to go blond all over is that you already have had years of dark color in your hair and that itself is more of a problem then if your hair was just a shade of brown with no color in it. I have done everything possible to my hair along with my friends too. Two of them have dark brown colored hair and they/we have dyed it blond with color remover and bleach. Would I recommend it as do it yourself-NO. Would a salon be able to do it in one trip-I doubt it, because you will have the opportunity to fry your hair and breakage. For a few of my friends who are trying to go blond from darker hair their stylish keeps putting in more blond foil highlights each month. So far their hair has looked good when I see them. Within a few weeks I think there will be some change to blond highlights. Perhaps a violet shampoo that may take out any brassy color may help. I am sure there are some stylists here who can offer you good advice. I would tell you not to mess with it at home because it is not worth having some huge color mishap and then attempting to fix it.