1. My son and I went to Starbucks today. He was wearing his Abbesses Messenger Bag. The man infront of him had a little wallet, he was looking so cool (Like...look at me I have a LV) and he turned around and looked at my son and he saw his Mono Abbesses...and his face changed like OMG that kid has a bigger LV than me...He looked like he was so embarrased...Hahaha Very Funny.:yahoo:
  2. Nice one !:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. lol how old is your son?
  4. lol...that's funny. I want to get a Bastille Messenger for my son's 15th birthday. How old is your son?
  5. hahahaahahahahahahah.
  6. not to be rude... but what makes you think that the man was 'jealous' of your son?............ I don't think this is funny
  7. Maybe he was shocked that someone so young would have such an expensive bag.:confused1:
  8. Just me...I don't find it funny either:shrugs: sorry
  9. lol. thats funny!
    i hate when people do that! im carrying my miroir pochette in costco ( i know, wierd)
    and thislady with a mono speedy will NOT stop looking at my bag!
    it got really annoying.
  10. Haha, he got the last laugh! :biggrin: Cute story!
  11. I work at starbucks and people come in with FAKE lv all the time and order 3 and 4 dollf coffee. Why don't they take that money and buy sme real LV.
  12. Sorry.I dont think its funny either. Expensive purses dont make a man.
  13. Agree maybe he was shocked. Dunno.
  14. eh. either way. if you know how to read people, you know how to read people.
  15. Yeah--not so funny.