Haha! Co-worker's LV Bag Had a "Made-In-China" Tag!

  1. Today at work, I saw a co-worker with an LV bag... so obviously I asked to see it~! And I peered in, and there was a little white strip that was attached to the bag that said "Made-in-China." I asked her if it was real, and she said yes. :roflmfao:

    I decided to not be mean and just walked away. :P
  2. well at least you were nice... I can't seem to control my mouth!
  3. oh my!
    I would've had to try really hard to muffle a laugh!
  4. Seriously... At least she should cut the tag off..
  5. owning real LV doesn't necessarily make one a better person ;)
  6. how fake was the bag from the outside?
  7. Goes to show, there are people who really don't know they are carrying a fake LV. Good for you that you didn't say anything.
  8. To be honest, it looked pretty good... But I didn't believe it at first b/c she never spends any money on anything! She also wears fake Lacoste, so she lost her integrity for "real" clothing. I figured out that her Lacoste shirts were fake when the stitching on the eye was up/down, rather than left/right! :yes:
  9. I just bought the speedy damier in azur today (i have 4 other LV items) and all of mine are real. One of my keyholders (raspberry mono vernis) says made in Spain on the inside, I think (its not in front of me right now, but i am almost 100% +).

    So, my question is are LV's made in France and Spain? Im confused. :confused1:
  10. Yes, LV is made in Spain, France and the USA =]

    I guess you could say that ignorance is bliss. I bet if she found out, she'll probably go through the 5 stages.
  11. LV's are made in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and USA.

    My Poupette.com
  12. i'm guessing that if she's already wearing fakes of other brands like lacoste, then she probably knows her bag is fake, but won't admit it. she's obviously not getting these at legit retailers.
  13. Thank you evolkatie and cola262 for clearing that up!!!!
  14. I believe, LV leather goods collections are produced in the workshops located in France, Spain and USA, so it can say Made In France, Spain or USA. :yes: Ready-to-wear and footwear collections are manufactured in France and Italy. :jammin: Jewelry collections are manufactured in France, Italy and Switzerland. Sunglasses are made in France and Italy.
  15. hehe