Had to share my joy---my new mulberry!

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  1. After admiring the Mulberry bags for several months, I stumbled on the perfect Mulberry at Nordstrom! It was love at first sight!!

    This is actually an ebay picture, but this is the same style and color that I just purchased!

  2. LOVE Mulberry, great bag! Congrats on your new purchase!
  3. Congrats thats a nice bag.
  4. Beautiful Mulberry! I've never seen one like that and I love it! Great choice! Thanks for the picture!
  5. Enjoy your new Mulberry! Congrats!
  6. Wow, that is incredible!
  7. Congratulations, that is an amazing bag! So beautiful!
  8. Congrats! it's a gorgeous bag! unique!
  9. Gorgeous bag;I'd never seen that one before!
  10. I hadn't ever seen this style either--that is why I was so surprised when I saw it.
    Strangely, it isn't even shown on the Mulberry site, but I know it's real, as it came from Nordstrom. They also had it in green.

    I wonder if it was maybe something made exclusively for Nordstrom, or if maybe it's a new style that just isn't on the web yet....
  11. Love it! They have those on bobellisshoes.com. Very nice!
  12. What a great shape and choice of materials! I really like that contrast between the croc type and smooth leather. Very nice!! Must smell great, too!
  13. I LOVE it! What a nice style. I like the shopper/tote look. It doesn't look quite as heavy and bulky as the Roxanne. What is the weight like? Can I ask how much you paid? Maybe a Mulberry could be in my future after all. I didn't feel comfortable with some I saw on Ebay but Nordstroms I could do.
  14. Congrats & enjoy!
  15. It is much lighter than the other mulberry bags that I had checked out (phoebe, bayswater, roxanne). The weight (and the size) is one of the things that sold me.
    It was (choke) $1195. The most that I have ever spent on a bag. But...I had been looking at Mulberry bags forever and know that this will last--in terms of both quality and style.