Had the worst shopping experience in Sydney LV

  1. I had the worst shopping experience in LV boutique in Sydney's City Area on thurs night. I went there with all my heart wanting to buy a DAmier speedy 25. The lady who served me doesnt have any good customer service at all. when i first asked to see the damier speedy 25, she told me that Damier doesnt have speedy 25!!! can you believe it? and then i told her there is, then she checked, she didnt even apologize. anyway, then after that, i was looking at the bag, trying it out, then later she told me if she can have the bag cus someone else wanted to have a look at the bag. i was like WTF!! i'm sure i can afford the bag as much as others can. so anyway, i walked out of the boutique just like that. hate the SA. sooo rude.

    then on friday, i went back to the boutique again. other SA served me. then within 5 mins, i bought the damier speedy 25. after i purchase the speedy 25, i was still in the store, but NONE served me. i still wanted to have a look at other bags, but NONE served me. i was very angry. I wont return to the sydney boutique CITY store anymore.
  2. Eeek. So sorry that happened to you... :sad:

    Hopefully your next visit to another boutique will be even better. Maybe a call or a talk to the manager can help.
  3. Sorry it happened to you.

    Come over to New Zealand! I've been to three LV stores here, - Akl city, Christchurch and Queenstown, and they are all very nice (especially Katherine at ChCh and Nan in Queenstown). I haven't purchased anything from them, but they are pleasant and very helpful. Plus you'll get the GST (12.5%) off if you are a visitor!
  4. Wow, pinkbweakfast I am really surprised and sorry to hear that... I always thought all the SA's there were so lovely and nice!
  5. which store was it? i find the Martin place store much better though i find the SA ingore you more there, IMO you really need to ask for help and then they are fine, i have a sa there so it doesnt really affect me. but the rocks store i find arent really familair with the products (and obviously much smaller.) By there is one SA at the rocks store i despise she doesnt know much about the company and i had to inform her that the model i wanted was avaliable
  6. I'm sorry you have such terrible service. I can't believe she took the speedy away from you so someone else could see it! That is just ridiculous!! I'm sure they have plenty more in the stock room she could have got for them to look at.
  7. aw, if i were you, i would def. not have held my composure like you did.

    GIRL...some WWE sh** would have gone down in that botique. i mean id be smacking her with the MC speedy (hehe the edges of that bag :P)

    haha im jk, but i hope you feel better :heart:3
  8. BTW all sydney-siders I know your out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! check the GD board! we are having a meeting! tell me if you can come?
  9. I dont know why, but I did ask help from the SA. but they arent very helpful. Sigh, what a terrible experience.
  10. wow that was awful!, I hope you can buy your LV in a nicer place next time. You should write to LV about your horrible service!.
  11. Is this the LV in Castlereagh St? (I don't know how many LV stores there are in Sydney :shame: )
    I went to this one and the SA, Carol, was the nicest LV SA I've dealt with and it was my first visit, never bought anything before as Brisbane is closer for me. A couple of the other SA's were quite nice and friendly as well.
    There's no excuse for you being treated like that, they must know that is no way to get someone to spend money.
  12. So Sorry Pink...I've walked in your shoes before. I was treated very badly at the Boston Copley Place store back a few years ago and it still hurts to think about it. Chalk it up to a sad experience and move forward from there. I learned a lot from my experience. I will NOT buy from somebody who is rude, ignores my questions and is just generally a bad fit for a LV employee. I move on, sometimes to return and usually that nasty person is gone and it's a better experiece this time around.

  13. Awww, sorry that happened to you. I've had mediocre service (just okay) so far at all the LV boutiques I've been to. I know it will be great though the next time I go (Oct 15!).
  14. everybody gets sh*t service from LV at least once in their lifetime. this shouldn't stop you from shopping from that particular boutique..... obviously the SA who (dis)served you was a newbie and still have that superior/snobby air for working at LV. next time ask for Rommel, Eric and Josie. especially Josie, she's THE best.

  15. awww is Carol a hk SA (in the Castlereagh St LV)? She's my friends friend, we've met a few times. If it's the same one then yes, she's very nice!! Takes time to listen to her customers, she gave me a catalogue without me even asking.