Had a little shopping spree!

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  1. So I ordered a bag and went to pick it up last night. Ended up buying two other items, one on impulse and the other I'd been waiting for a sale.

  2. boots????
  3. TAKE IT OFF!!!! Or... out! LOL!
  4. Coach Poppy Signature Rhinestone Spotlight XL:

  5. [​IMG]

  6. Thats one Hot bag!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The heart coin purse was an impulse buy. I couldn't pass it up, must have been in the spirit of Valentine's Day!
  8. I have been stalking these boots at Nordstrom rack, waiting for them to get marked down. they were 35% off so I decided to go for it:

  9. A group shot of my 3 item shopping spree!

  10. Just for fun....Can you tell someone gets jealous when I take pictures of my Coach goodies? She snuck her way into the bottom left hand of the pic, her name is Foxy. Thanks for letting me share!!!
  11. :faint::drool:...very cool!!!!
  12. very very very nice!!
  13. Lovely goodies! And your doggie cracks me up... "Look mommy, I'm doing tricks, take a pic of me too!!!"
  14. What kind of boots are those? May I ask how much? Your doggy is so cute! I like how he/she is sitting upright hehe
  15. Ohhhhhhhh nice bag you need to do some modeling shots.