Tech Hackers are everywhere!


Nov 19, 2013
Hi. I visited one site and this message suddenly popped out....
"We recently detected an attack where access was gained to Interpals servers. This attack was quickly blocked. Our investigations are ongoing, but some data, including some users password hashes and account information, such as usernames, may have been compromised. Although we only store hashed passwords, as a precautionary measure, we are asking all users to reset their passwords."

I think those attackers are considered "professional" ones. I think it would be better for them to upgrade their system. My thought is, this could have been prevented using a more advanced anti-hacking software. Something that could immediately notify them. Hackers are everywhere and they're all getting better too.


Dec 27, 2013
Hackers will attempt to breach one's network through any device sometimes with an IP address. I believe that a complimentary anti hacking software can provide windows security, closes vulnerabilities and prevents possible hacking attacks. On the other hand a risk management platform can help with alerting, compliance reporting, and analysis.


Feb 2, 2017
I had one unpleasant situation. My IPhone was hacked while I surfed the Web. All photos and important documents were deleted :sad: I was so angry. Fortunately, my friend knows how to backup lost files. He suggested me to use Disk drill's a word document data recovery tool but it works for photos, music, folders etc. I loaded it from here and it's unbelieavable but all my files were restored. Now I use VPN when I am online.