Ha! And you thought no one bought Beanie Babies Anymore!

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Did you collect Beanie Babies?

  1. Big Time Beanie Freak- I had a Beanie room

  2. I had a lot

  3. I had a reasonable amount

  4. A few

  5. Cute but not my cup of tea

  6. How dare you imply I'm a Beanie person?!?!?!

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  1. I was on eBay, doing nothing in particular, when I decided to look up Beanie Babies! I used to love them and collected them with my mom, aunt, and grandma. That was back in the '90's when people stood in line to get these understuffed plush toys, bought guides on how much they were worth, and paid hundreds of dollars to get the foreign limited release bears. (I myself always wanted Britannica) But upon my search, there were over 17,000 Beanie Baby auctions! And some of them were still selling for hundreds!



    So, fess up: did you partake in this now embarrasing endeavor?
  2. no, i missed that craze (i was in high school already)...but MAN my sister did!! she's five years youger than me and had SHELVES full i tell you. she even went to a convention. she got so angry if you touched them...i never got it. they were super cute but what was the point of having a toy you couldn't play with? :smile:

    i wonder what she did with them all...? they're not at the house anymore.
  3. Not a "Beanie person" here! lol
  4. i have tons of stuffies... yes, that's what I call them... but not many beanies.....I love Hello Kitty...
  5. WEBKINZ are the newest stuffed animal craze in NJ!...
  6. havent seen that yet Jill.. do they come in diff colors? im hoping to get a baby blue stuffie this weekend... heheh..
  7. saw it now.. gosh, they r pretty colorful... hippo is cute.. hehe
  8. Nope, not beanie crazy, never have been. Tell ya what I'm finding kinda interesting (for no reason, lol) are those Luxury Ducks featured in Big Brother.
  9. My husband's ex wife squandered untold thousands in child support and alimony on beanie babies. She SWORE they were an investment that would pay for the kids' college. Of course the cats got ahold of them and who knows where they are now. :rolleyes:

    (And we're paying for college, just like we planned to :lol: )
  10. Yup. I still have two six foot glass/oak curio's filled to the brim with bears on display. :shame:
  11. I had a few (less than a hundred). I sold quite a few too, and now I have a handful that I genuinely like (unicorns, peace bears, etc).
  12. Wow, that's a lot, I would love to see them..... they r all taller than me.. the curio's I mean....
  13. WOAH thats nuts....700 and still going!!
  14. Now that I think about it, I buy handbags, so who am I to talk about Beanie Babies!? LOL
  15. It was REALLY hard to get ahold of them when they first came out, and I only had one or two... but my mom got on the bandwagon too and we got hundreads of them!! We used to buy them in 2's or 3's and sell them sometimes....my mom at one point at about 8 or 9 of the Princess Diana bears! I gave a lot away for xmas gifts :smile: we have them all in boxes now...a lot of the inernational ones, tons of the mcdonalds ones..all of ours are retired now...wonder if it'll be like other fads and come back in 10 yrs hehe :smile:
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