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  1. Has anyone used this Brand H20PLus??? what are your experiences?

    My friend was asking about this brand she looked at the website and has seen in Magaiznes about this product.

  2. I tried their stuff a while ago. They have their own boutiques in malls and such. I like the way their stuff smells. I have tried their Ice and Milk lines.
  3. I used to use their face wash, but then I found out that they use day laborers in their Chicago factories, and have been reported on for not always paying them :sad::yucky:

    The products are good, but I just couldn't buy from them anymore after that.
  4. I don't think the products are very remarkable at all, there are a lot of skin care lines I would choose over them.
  5. i love their skincare line as well as their bath line.
    Their Oasis line are my favorite for skincare & Sea Salt line are my fav for bath. my fav products are their face oasis hydrating treatment & sea salt body wash. Also their body butter are nice too ~ hope this helps ;)
  6. thanks i will let my friend know your thoughts.
  7. I like their hand and nail cream.