H Store in St. Barths- Comments Please...

  1. Thank you!
  2. Have a great time in St Barts. I've never been but I want to go. Hearing that you can get a Birkin there makes me want to go even more.:hbeat:

    Good luck on scoring your 1st B! :tup:
  3. This is fabulous information. :love:Although I've never gone to St Barts my Dh & I have talked about going. Your information makes me want to go even more now.:p
  4. My mother was there about a year ago when I was searching for a Birkin. She walked in, asked if they had a neutral Birkin in 35 or 40, and walked out with a gorgeous Birkin. My mother had never stepped foot in an Hermes boutique, was not well dressed, and was carrying an old LV speedy. They were friendly and kind. Sadly, as we know, this isn't always true for some clients.
  5. Wow, I'm getting more and more excited for my trip! :lol: Maybe I should change the ticket to go sooner!! :p This is great to hear that your mom was able to get a gorgeous B (for you, I presume.) I'll keep you guys posted!
  6. Purselover888, did you have any luck with finding a birkin in St Barths? Are the prices the same as in Paris?

  7. I didn't get a B/K there, but bought other things. There are alot of great HTF things at that store-- belts, lindy's, exotics....(in fact there was a B available there- it was a BE croc w/ diamonds :drool::drool::drool:. And actually it was sold within two days) They don't play the game....they will sell to you if they have it. Voiles de St Barths was the week before and the store was wiped out of B/K except the croc that came in when I was there-- so timing is still important. When I asked them, they just looked at a printout of inventory and read it out loud. The price is more than Paris, less than US if I remember correctly.....Are you headed there soon? Everyone there is really nice! Make sure you check w/ store because I believe it's closed half the year for low season. HTH!
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    Oh, Purselover888 --I'm very excited to hear your SB experience! We are going in December. Did you work with anyone in particular or was everyone lovely? Can't wait. Maybe they will have a Medor or croc Jige for me...:graucho:
  9. just wondering....where is St. Barths? I cant find it from Hermes's France website....
  10. Everyone was lovely, really! They seem to still get pieces in the same "waves" as other stores.....I did ask about Medor, but the SA said she hadn't seen one in over a year. You should be able to find lots of sweet things in December as that is the busiest time. Have fun!!
  11. It's in the Caribbean close to St Maarten. HTH!
  12. Thanks....so it is costly for Hermes to fly SA all the way from Paris to the store the store is having a peak season....
  13. I'm going to St. Barths next month, so I'll be sure to post on available inventory.
  14. Show and tell please.
  15. I scored a Graphite Lindy in St Barth and was offered a white Birkin, which I declined. They are very nice there and loaded me up with perfumes and goodies gratis.