H Saddle Baume - London - Saga Continues: Question

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  1. So I asked someone I know who lives in London to ring around H and get a container of Saddle Baume for me. She rang about 4 boutiques and ask for the exact name I emailed her and after much confusion about cleaning vs conditioning and soap vs baume (which I found surprising) she was told that:

    You cannot buy it on its own, you have to buy it as a pack:
    - Nourishing balm
    - Cleansing milk
    - Saddle oil

    The bottle is between 250ml - 375ml and its £1780!!!!

    Are there some things which have been lost in the communication....?

    Can someone comment...? I am wondering if there is a typo.... or something...??

    Thanks so much beforehand!! :flowers:
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    The saddle oil and balm were being sold seperately on the USA website. They were roughly $45 if I remember correctly.

    Edited to add:

    Yup, definately only $45 on the USA website... £1780 thats one hell of a markup!!!

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  3. JC, that is what i told my contact in london!
    this is why i am wondering, if we are missing something....??
  4. bagpunk, I bought a saddle balm on its own at my local Hermes store just about a month ago. HTH.
  5. boogee, is your local H in london....?

    US site do not ship internationally, australia refuse to ship it due to customs restrictions, so i am asking someone in london to walk into H and buy one for me and we have been given the run around like this for days now. i may try contacting friends in the US....

    but i am just curious about what the london stores have been telling us at this point, and really wanna clarify what that was about....
  6. We can buy it individually in the US but I have seen it offered as a trio that came in a canvas case for more $$$. But your price seems pretty high, higher than the one I saw which was on sale. I would call and ask to speak to the SA in charge of the equestrian dept.
  7. I bought it from my local store in Canada. HTH.:smile:
  8. EH, i am in the process of asking for SA's name and the store in london specifically from which this info originated. i am still wondering if there had been a mistake or a misunderstanding somewhere along the line since the price seems way off.
  9. Crikey!

    If your London contact is willing to go back to the store then perhaps they could take a print out of that page from the US H.com to show them exactly what you are after? Might also be a good idea to ask to speak to the craftsperson (can't remember what the new lady is called but I'm sure someone else will chime in) at Bond St rather than a SA.
  10. craftsperson, head of equestrian, bond street.

    following up.


    i am just really really curious at this point....

    perhaps it is just a matter of a coma missing during typing, or something...
  11. The craftsperson in Bond Street is Claire (or Clare, Im unsure of the spelling.) I'm told she is a very helpful and extremely knowledgeable lady.

  12. Let's hope the comma is missing, or they were selling the pack in a leather bucket! <sighs> Unfortunate it seems the comma is never misplaced in our favor.
  13. bagpunk at my local store they were sold separately but I purchased all 3 plus the soap, individually they cost around what the US website price was. 375ml saddle oil,250ml cleansing milk,250ml nourishing balm, I think they must have missed a decimal point,178 GBP sounds right...What are you planning to work on?:nuts:


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  14. JC, thank you!!! :salute:

    EH.... :lol:... wouldn't that be great... :angel:

    medusa thanks for that input!! :tup: i am trying to "freshen up" a ten year old VN which has been exposed to what look like rain drops (but still looking lovely) and want to cover my new barenia in baume so that i can carry it out without worrying too much :biggrin: i am a rough and tumble gal so i don't mind the aging process but it is a little hard in the stomach so i need as much help as i can get :P (that is so true for bags or anything else don't you think haha)
  15. Hi bagpunk ... :cool: You think, I should cover mine with this Baume? I am a little scared to put anything. Note that I already got a few drops of water on my new Barenia and it did not leave marks or spots on. If you put Baume, will it start changing color immediately?