H men's stuff

  1. we've been ranting and raving our purchases from Hermes here in the forum, but for a change, what have you bought for him from the H store/what has he gotten himself from H??

    we got DH his first H watch from the store following my first capecod watch purchase. after that, he's gotten some belts and H sandals. he's received a bunch of H ties as gifts from relatives, too! and he absolutely love their scents pour homme.

    see, it's not all about us all the time.........:rolleyes:
  2. only ties, but I would love to get him a briefcase to replace his Il Bisonte one......but he wants a Zero Halliburton......
  3. I got DH an orange H tie! It's being sent out to me as my store didn't have it. Anyday now!! And I gave him a sample of Terre D'Hermes cologne, hoping he'd like it and I'll just go and get him a bottle. He's not too keen on the scent tho.. Slowly but surely, I'll Hermesify him, not to worry..
  4. i :heart: terre d'hermes cologne. DH has that too!
  5. Got DH a new billfold to replace his old one--can't remember what leather it is--I think it's Buffalo. It's amazing how light the billfold is even with all his stuff jammed into it.
  6. Still trying to convert my H3 (HHH - Hermes Hating Husband). :Push:
  7. ^ot but love your cute avatar!:heart:
  8. I really like it! And was hoping DH would be as enthusiastic about the scent as I was but not quite.. Maybe if I got him to wear it and then gave him some lurvin...:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  9. Thanks! I created the pic using the avatars on Yahoo Japan :P .
  10. my DH has more accessories than me:P . go figure. He's got 3 pocket squares, 4 ties and 2 belts. I think for I'm gonna get him a billfold next. Everytime I go looking for a bag I end up getting him something:lol:
  11. I want something hermes but was wondering what the price range for wallets is.??
    thanks for your feedback (in advance)
    hope you all are having a great day!
  12. sorry about that awful grammar :smile:
    i just finished my 5 page essay ..... now everything went out the window
  13. louis, not sure, but giving you a bump up!
  14. Im a guy and i love hermes but my wallet doesnt (esp. by the fact that my wallet is lv!) so i cant afford it right now! im only a student. I wanted to get some smaller things for h that were more in my price range but they didnt work out and I've decided that i want my 1st hermes purchase to be somethign i truely love and addore (i.e. black (not sure on leather yet but pshhh ove got about a decade or two to decide no rush) pallad. or ruth. hardware, kelly 40) awww the drooling
  15. NYC has an orange leather tie with white contrast stitching in the men's department. And I'm still waiting for someone to snatch up that $68,000 alligator jacket.