H-Goodies from Tokyo to Hong Kong and more!

  1. Just a week prior to my trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong, I was really lucky to find something special in my H-store! My DH had originally called up my SA and requested for an Orange CDC cuff for me as an Xmas pressie. My darling SA was going to look for one but we didn't hear from her for a couple of days. Since we were in town, DH suggested that we drop by the H-store and what do I see??? Rouge H CDC cuff with GHW on display!!! I tried it on and it was :heart: at first sight! My SA was a darling and let me try on a leather cuff in Poitron just so that I can compare which color I will like better and Rouge H clearly jumps out. My DH is really a sweetie, if he hadn't suggested going to the H-store, I wouldn't have found my treasure!

    During my trip, I picked up a few goodies:yahoo:
    • Vert Anis Swift Be-bop in MM
    • Fuschia Suede Kelly Double-Tour bracelet
    • Natural Epsom Medor watch
    • Cyclamen Cherve Compact Bearn
    • Ladybug Keychain
    I am loving everything!!! :love:

    I was a little disappointed that I didn't score any bags on my trip. I wasn't looking for a Birkin. The H-stores in Tokyo don't have what I want and the Reseller mark-up is just plain crazy and you can forget about scoring a Birkin in Hong Kong so I will leave it to my darling SA at home to get me my Birkins. I was looking for a Lindy that is not black or brown or a neutral and that didn't materialize. As you can see, I really :heart: my colors!!!!

    My DH does not want me bringing my Birkins on trips :sad: Airports, shopping, hotels - he just doesn't want me to risk my Birkins! :p But the Lindy will be a great alternative and I think it will be an an excellent travel bag .....

    The H-stores in Tokyo are fantastic for small leather goods in a myriad of colors. Blues, Greens, Reds and Pinks, you name it, they have it! Lotsa compact bearns, bearns and more. :tup: As for Birkins, there was a couple of 30cm and 35 Crocs and a 25cm Orange Swift at Ginza, another 30cm Croc at Isetan Shinjuku, a 30cm Ebene at Takashimaya Shinjuku and lotsa Kellys. Lindys were rare, a black and parchmein at Isetan and a BJ at Takashimya. A BJ Lindy would have been great except I already have a BJ Birkin so ..... nothing for me. In HK, they only had a Gold (?)/Natural Lindy, again not something I am keen on ... :crybaby:
    Hermes Rouge H CDC Cuff only.jpg Hermes Haul.jpg
  2. I admire your devotion to colour! Great haul, I would be floating if I were you too! Congrats!
  3. What a fantastic and colourful haul. Congratulations j0s1267.
    Especially love the B-bop and bearn.
    Sounds like you had a great trip
  4. I can look at your Goodies again and again and again and again......:drool::drool::drool:


    The Cyclamen Bearn is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  5. Actually, I think I love EVERYTHING here!!!:tender:

    And OMG!!! I so want to borrow this! It goes with my new Dress.....


  6. Congrats to you! I l:love:ve it all...
  7. lovely goods!!
  8. Thanks Angelfish! I really love my colors!!! Suffice to say, I would love for my next Birkin to be in Cyclamen or Rose Shocking :love:

    Thanks Raz, Ghost55 and guccigal07! I had a fabulous trip and am enjoying my goodies!

    Accessorize*me, you are such a darling! You are welcome to borrow my CDC cuff anytime! *WINK*
  9. lovely selection of goodies, so colourful and pretty, nice choices. The CDC cuff looks amazing on you.
  10. Thank you allaboutnice! I really enjoyed your Paris trip report and also your new Birkin!!
  11. My DH knows that I have "bag fever" .... I just love my bags!!!

    Last Saturday, we headed to town for lunch and as there was a 45 mins wait, my DH suggested that we go to the H-store! I couldn't believe my ears! I did not mention anything to him at all! So on the way to the H-store, we walked by Chanel and he asked if I wanted to go in! :nuts: I said no, I do not want to be distracted! The Purple Metallic Reissue is a beaute! :p

    My SA was busy with another client but after she was done, I asked to see some Lindys. On display were a 34cm Rouge Garance, 34cm Etoupe and 30cm Black Clemence. There were a couple of Kellys, a Medeor clutch in Andriose (GORGEOUS!!!), compact bearns and bearns in Etoupe Cherve (rare!!!) etc.,

    My SA knows my love for colors so she went to the back and showed me a 30cm Rose Dragee in Swift. I am not a fan of Swift but OMG, the Rose Dragee in Swift is just breathtaking!!! It is pale pink in some lighting and a soft lilac is others. I really like how Swift brings out the Rose Dragee shade!

    BUT, what does the DH say??????

  12. pretty!
  13. Wow, I love the be-bop. It just adds such a nice bright touch of color. You've got such a terrific haul.
  14. I love your love for color!!! Great finds!!
  15. wonderful and fun pieces. Congrats!