H for me, H for me ... H for your SO/spouse too?

  1. Like many of you, I shop for myself. Even when I want my DH to get me a H gift, I'll get it myself & he foots the bill. I tried to level the 'imbalance' by getting him H silk ties. But I have since stopped because he asked me to. So, it's H for me and me only.

    What is your situation?
  2. I've been selecting/buying all my own H goodies. Recently I started treating my bf as well..... He's very rapidly becoming converted and now REALLY appreciates the quality/workmanship.
  3. My first few H items are from DH :love: and I added a few more on my own. I have been buying him couple of items, I started with ties as I made him throw out those 80s looking ties, and I got him a couple to replace them for those days he *might* need them. I had since stopped, since he just don't wear them for work anyway. :biggrin:

    I bought him H fragrance and a belt for his birthday and he totally loves that belt! (thanks MrsS). He had learnt to love H for their leather and workmanship. And whenever, I surf on eBay, I always point out to him the vintage bags and their pricing.

    But honestly, it's tough shopping for my DH. He's so causally dressed 99.9% of the time anyway. I might sneak a couple of small H items for him but that will be just it and of cos life-time supply of H fragrance for him :yes:

    So 90% H for me & 10% H for him :graucho:
  4. H & H & H for me, then an H belt for DH, but he couldn't care less if his belt came from H or Target!!!
  5. Last post before I hit the sack. It's H, H, H for me too. My DH is the same as Princessfrog's DH - causally dressed most of the time.
  6. DH has a nice selection of H ties (even though his job is casual). Some shirts and cuff links...He's so low maintenaince that he really could care less.

    The whimsical ties he likes because he thinks they're ironic and funny.
  7. memememe...ME!!! ;)
  8. I always buy just for me, he is not interested. He doesn´t pay either, just sometimes says it´s ok for me to buy:rolleyes:
  9. SO said he'd kill me if I bought him anything from H lol; he's a techie, if it isn't gadgets, he isn't interested. And naughty things, too :blush: I can't get him out of bed in the morning to help me make breakfast or go to the farmer's market, but he'll shoot out of bed lickitysplit at 6am if he has been ordered to drop by a store and pick me up the lingerie I ordered :rolleyes: I'm still hoping he asks for something logical one day, like a nice watch, an H wallet, belt, etc. I HOPE. He is somewhat interested in the ties though, but only the silly/cute ones that have the octopus/whales/bears on them

    Most of the H goes to me; I'm with mrssparkles, if SO wants to get me a gift, I just get cash so I can go to H and pick it out myself!

    I'm starting up my Christmas list recently, and plan on purchasing my Dad a couple of H cotton squares that I found in the spring/summer tie book. He's such a cowboy, he runs around doing business in wrangler jeans, boots, and indiana jones-style hats during the day, with a red bandanna hanging out of his pocket. For dinners and such, he dresses nicely in khakis, dress shirts, and loafers, but he got up to leave the table the other day at a nice restaurant and he had a ratty red bandanna hanging out of his pocket :rolleyes: My mother about died! So he gets dressier nose rags for Christmas :biggrin: I wish H made handkerchiefs, as my Mum has collected hundreds over the years, and I'd love to be able to give her some really nice ones (most of hers are antique/vintage). My sister is no doubt getting an agenda, which she desperately needs, but knowing her, she'll have it destroyed in no time because she treats all of her possessions terribly, so I need to locate an agenda in as tough a leather as possible :shocked:
  10. I am at the point in my life where I buy what pleases me...only. Of course, my 17 year old daughter is now planting the "I would love a Picotin".... we'll see.
  11. The bulk of H definitely goes to me. Hubby has received some cologne and silk ties.
  12. My DH loves Hermes as much as I do! He has ties, desk accessories, towels, polo shirts and even an H cashmere coat. But as for buying for me - I usually do that. I'm the one in the store seeing the bag or the scarf that I just can't live without. So, it becomes mine. Doesn't matter who picks it out - as long as it goes to me! LOL!!
  13. An occasional tie....
  14. all H for me.. bought bf a belt, he said "for that price, that must be one special cow.." of course, I had him feel the leather and compare it with his other belts, he does agree, the leather is better, but then he said, it is a belt, it doesn't need to be super fancy so go figure....
  15. ^^ ditto

    At times...it is he that walks out with the 'big' orange bag...lol