H birthday

  1. I haven't been posting much b/c I have been travelling a lot these days but this one is special so I had to take some time out to post this. In a few days I will be turning xx. My very dear and generous friend who I have a lot in common with (one of which is H) sent me this beautiful H clock for my birthday. It's great to wake up to a beautiful H piece each morning. :yahoo:
  2. What a gorgeous piece! Happy Birthday! :flowers:
  3. oh that's gorgeous! was wondering where you were! Happy birthday!
  4. Dear Ms. C:

    HAPPY B-day to you!!! Like I've told Ms. RC, age is NOT what's important but the inner beauty and SELF confidence will make you "SHINE" forever and ever and ever!!!

    That is SO SWEET of your friends and what's best to begin a day with H as the first glance!!!

  5. cyxvr - happy birthday!
  6. Happy birthday to you!!

    "TIME" to celebrate!!!

  7. OMG, C, that is an amazing piece!!! I was wondering where you were...Happy B-day!
  8. cyxvr - many happy returns for your xx-th birthday :drinkup:

    and congrats on your beautiful clock
  9. Happy B-day! What a gorgeous clock!!! :nuts:
  10. Thank you everyone for the b-day wish and thinking of me. ;) May all your H dreams come true while I am away. Hope to see all your new goodies when I come back.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my darling friend!!!!!!!!

    What a lovely gift, you lucky thing! Have a GREAT Birthday!!
  12. Happy Birthday C! The clock is beautiful!
  13. Happy Birthday!!!! Your friend is very generous indeed and has great taste! How nice to wake up to this 'face' every morning!
  14. Happy Birthday and congrats on your clock.
  15. How wonderful of your friend C! It's a beautiful piece.

    Happy birthday and safe travels!