"H" belt question....

  1. Hi Ladies,

    So I bought my first H, a beautiful double sided blk/tan "H" belt in gold hw, but i've worn it once and it's already scratched:sad:. Is it pretty common for H hardware to get scuffed so easily/quickly?? Any suggestions on how to keep it from getting scratched so quickly (besides not wearing it and only looking at it in aww :p). Thanks!
  2. It's common for any bag with hardware actually. Guess it's more painful when it's a H item. Totally understand. Don't worry about the scratches and enjoy your belt. Congratulations on your first H!
  3. Congrats on the H, don't sweat the scratches!
    Enjoy in good health :tup:
  4. Thanks ladies, I feel better:smile:. I am SOOOOOOO excited about the belt! I've wanted it for a looooooooooong time, but couldn't get myself to pay 500.00 bucks for a belt, but I finally took the plung! Anyway, thanks for the words of encouragement.....
  5. Male here :graucho: Hahahaha
  6. This Definitely Happens!!!!! Hbr ~ Enjoy Your Beautiful New Belt!!!!!!
  7. Oh my god, lecolquitt I'm so sorry :smile: My apologies my dear! Thanks for your words of encouragement :smile:
  8. No worries heh, we're all here in the name of H
  9. Congrats on the belt. First scratch is the most painful but it adds character. Items are meant to be used and enjoy. Wear it!
  10. Congrats on the belt! Don't worry about a few scratches, the first day I wore my special order H belt in blue jean/orange, I was running in my very high heels at work, tripped , did a flip and flew through the air like superwoman, landing and sliding on my new h buckle! My colleagues thought I had concussion cause all I was worried about was my belt!
  11. I agree 100%. Congratulations! :flowers:
  12. Congrats on your first H :flowers:...and forget the scratches, it's life :yes:
  13. Yes, c'est la vie, unfortunately... Oh, the pain we must endure for the love of H!!! :p
  14. The buckles do scratch easily. And, this is why H offers a special service :idea:
    One used to be able to drop off scratched buckles for replating...but that took a while...so now, you may walk in with a scratched buckle and exchange it for a smooth new one for $80 in the U.S. They just keep replating old ones and cycling them through. So wear and enjoy your belt, and then when it gets too scratched for you to enjoy, swap out the buckle!
  15. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great advice! Scottish Girl, I loved your story! Sounds like something I would do :smile: I wore her again today with a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker's new line Bitten jeans(14.00!!) and it looked so good.... yay!! I'm definitely hooked!