H as a weight loss motivator?

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  1. Has anyone here used H goodies or savings to your H fund as a motivation to lose weight? I'm trying to design an extra shove for me to get these darn :mumble mumble: extra pounds off. I already contribute a small amount for every exercise session, but I need an extra carrot on the stick, so to speak. What has worked for you?

    I keep imagining all of you H ladies as slender, beautiful, and stylish creatures (and your photos confirm it), and I want to fit in!
  2. It was my motivator for my Boot camp!!! I got my H. goodies!!!
  3. kenzie~ I reward myself all the time. Seriously. I gained 44 lbs with my latest son see avatar...I had a c-section (recovery 8 weeks) then knee urgery (recovery 2 months) and was not allowed to work out. I also did not breast feed, which helps burn calories. So~ I counted calories (1000 /day) for my body type and walked. Then I bought Hermes!!!! I keep buying little things. I have 4 lbs left to go and I am begining to feel better about my body (toning time). Yes~ use H..it works, but also be sensible in your weight loss trek.

    Add H to your list and it will help motivate you! Good luck on the sale of your Kelly and I love the replacement choice you have chosen~ Beautiful. :heart:
  4. Remember, alcohol is terrible for putting on weight, so for every glass of wine you turn down (or bottle you don't buy!) you can contribute the savings to your H fund guilt free~
  5. Ghost, congratulations on your weight loss! 40 pounds, wow -- that is so great! You should be extremely proud of yourself!

    I wonder if there's a market for a book that shows how to use H as a motivator. "The Orange Diet." Hmmmm..... :biggrin:
  6. Wow interesting concept! Good luck :smile:
  7. hermes doesn't really work as a weight loss motivator for me - simply because, no matter how large or small i am, i can always wear a bag. i need something like a form-fitting missoni dress to motivate me ;)
  8. kenzie1980, I know exactly what you mean. A few years ago I did a boot camp in Central Park that was 2 weeks and run by an ex navy seal. Essentially, it was like making us know what it was like in REAL boot camp. I was so sore, that I could not even wash my hair as I could not lift my arms!! I had to squirt shampoo on the wall of my shower and move my head up and down to get soap in it. So you ask what was at the end of that rainbow?? Not H, but a pair of Jimmy Choo boots that I was pining away for. They were not really that expensive, relative to H, but just the fact that I "wanted and needed them" made me want to "really earn" them. So I say go for it! Use H as your motivator!! I'm sure you will lose and concentrate much easier when there is a nice pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!!:tup:

    btw, I don't fit into those boots anymore. Had a baby 2.5 years ago...BACK to the drawing board!!! yeah, I know. so sad, but I am so blessed to have such a lovely DS. :heart:
  9. kenzie, whatever works.
    I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I'm always nibbling on
    things that I shouldn't. Good luck. :smile:

    Congrats on your weight loss, Ghost. :smile:
  10. Awesome concept!
  11. i don't use H as a motivator but with my recent weightloss i did save money to put to an H fund. I ended up using it for shoes instead because i am TOTALLY obsessed with heels right now. it was originally supposed to be for an hermes belt to show off my "new" waist! lol. but what i did was for every pound lost cumilatively i saved 1 dollar. so the first week i lost 4 lbs- put away 4 dollars, the next week lost 1 lb put away 5 dollars. etc. this week i only lost .6 but i'm down 34 lbs so i have to put away 34 dollars. it totally adds up!
  12. Erm....sort of. About 2 years ago I plastered pictures of Kelly's all over my fridge, 6 months later I had lipo, then 3 months after that I bought my first Kelly. Either way it worked out in the end :P
  13. ^^ god i love you. LMAO.
  14. The savings-per-cumulative-pound-loss is a fantastic idea! Right now I put away 1 dollar for every 10 minutes of exercise (today, 30 minute run, so 3 dollars). I love your idea because the savings will add up quickly (especially as you're closer to your goal weight). Congrats on your 34 pound weight loss! Wow, such inspiration on this board. Yay!
  15. I've used Hermes as a reward. Now I'm using it as a motivator - if I lose these last 20-30 pounds, I can have something new this fall.