Gwen, the reason they call it underwear...

  1. belongs under your clothes...

    Sorry this is just tacky!

  2. Don't pick with Gwen.
  3. I used to like her so much more before she went all crazy with her Harajuku Girls obsession.
  4. Ops ..LOOL

    cute bra though :biggrin:
  5. eh...i'm alright with it. it's kind of like how carrie on SATC always wore bras that matched her clothing. plus, gwen prolly designed this for her LAMB collection and she's just showing it off with her post-pregnancy boobs (she never had much anyway)

    i love gwen!
  6. I think it looks cool. Didn't you all learn when watching SATC that's it's OKAY to show your bra??? Think of it as an accessory :biggrin:!
  7. ^ I love her too. I don't mind bras as an accessory as long as its on the right person / looks good. I think Gwen can get away with it since her body is so amazing and the bra is very cute.

    Kingston looks so much like Gavin!
  8. I never liked it on carrie either :shrugs: , JMHO, not sexy...just skanky.

    Bra is agent provocateur, which I do like, just not hanging out.
  9. I agree 100%.
  10. I think she is now and will forever be HOT HOT HOT! Love Gwen!
  11. cute bra =D
  12. Hey, Gwen's just re-purposing! :wlae:
  13. Trashy looking, especially since she is flashing the same damn bra over and over.
  14. LOL
  15. Gwen can get away with that! Anyone else = :throwup: