Guy need help with Mirage speedy, thanks

  1. Hello,
    I need help on the mirage speedy. My wife and I see it today, and she really like it. So I was going to get it for her birthday this month, but can you all tell me some more info on it. Is it worth $1800, she has over twenty LV, but this would be the most expensive one. Any info. I have one on hold at the local store, but don't know if this bag is that good.
  2. Hi,

    Try the "search" function located on the top of the page and key in the word "Mirage Speedy" and specify it to search under titles only and you will find a lot of posts and comments on it.

    I find it to be pricey but I think it is one of the better seasonal bags currently out there.
  3. I love mine! I bought it in black and I feel it's worth every penny!!!
  4. one can't put a price on true LOVE :yes:
  5. Hehe if she has 20 over LV then I suppose affordability isn't the issue here. Since it's whether you think it's worth it, well, if she loves it, isn't it worth it? :smile:
  6. Do you have it on hold at a LV boutique? Just want to make sure it's authentic as I thought these were sold out.

    Edit--Oops...I thought you wrote Mirroir Speedy! Mirages are still around. :smile: It is nice in that the handles are not it should last a long time.
  7. I'm personally not a fan of it (and I don't think I could ever spend that much on a Speedy), but the people who love it seem to REALLY love it. So I'm sure she'll love it too!
  8. I love mine too! I think it was totally worth the $$!
  9. Don't have one - but I have seen it and tried it on. I think it is a gorgeous, overall great bag. I think it is worth it and I think your wife will love it!
  10. If she wants it then get it for her. She can return it within 14 days if she ends up not loving it.
  11. thanks for all the help, I'll pick it up tommorrow for her.