Gustto: Large or normal size Baca?

  1. I'm shopping around for a gustto baca bag (pictured on their website Gustto, Inc) and I can't decide between the large baca or the normal sized. I go to so many websites and all the measurements are different, but it seems like the smaller is 15"Wide 9"Tall and 6"Deep. The larger is 18"W 11"T & 6"D.
    Does anyone own these or has anyone seen them to let me know if this is about right? My friend went to a sample sale for me and said that the smaller baca is definately 'small.' I need a larger bag that will hold a whole ton of stuff (thus the reason for looking at gustto bags) but I'm not sure if the large baca is TOO big.
    Opinions, please??
  2. large please..... :yes:
    i love big bags!!!